K-Warren & Benny V – Feel The Fire (Bladerunner Remix) [Dance Concept]

by | May 22, 2018 | Tunes

Since the beginning of the year, UK beatmaster Bladerunner has been hard at work crafting new tracks in the world of Drum & Bass, including a new remix of Benny V and K Warren’s “Feel The Fire.” Released only four days ago, Bladerunner’s dark remix already climbed to #96 of the Beatport Top 100 Drum & Bass tracks, amongst other tracks on the charts already weeks to months old. As a standalone track, Bladerunner’s “Feel The Fire” remix takes the track to dark and dismal places with its infectious beat.

Within the first few seconds of the track, Bladerunner throws us a few vocal lines and synth build-up before the core begins and the namesake is mentioned. This “Feel The Fire” remix utilizes Drum and Bass percussion mainstays, but adds sprinkles of minimalist dismal synth that eventually combines with a pleasing 8-bit synth later reaffirming the chorus and reintroducing us to the original percussion mantra. For those looking for a brighter sound; look elsewhere. “Feel The Fire” mixes belted vocalizations with dirty, minimalist influences which are deceptively diverse.

As the darker synths and bass hits take more tangible forms halfway through the track, Bladerunner tops off his remix of the track with repeated percussion patterns under the steady synths, introducing one more sci-fi inspired rising note to top the piece off. “Feel The Fire” is as honest as it gets when it comes to remixing in the D+B vain, and floats the line of minimalist before giving way to some dismal surprises scattered throughout the track. While “Feel The Fire” may be light on melodic synth, the addictive percussion makes this the perfect mid-track for a desert rave romp.

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