Kach – Miss Miss Wah Quasi [Universe Axiom]

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Tunes

Described as an “older exclusive Drum & Bass track with some neuro sound” on the official Universe Axiom Youtube channel,  the self-described “Russian Sci-Fi Music Label” recently dropped an older track premiered on October 28th, 2018, but later saw a wider release on November 11, 2018 geared for most streaming platforms. Written in 2011, “light mixing” was contributed in 2018 to make this “new” track by Kach a welcome dark entry to the international Drum & Bass scene.

Like the self-described Universe Axiom description, this new contribution from Kach highlights the true meaning of creepy, brooding science fiction sounds. The neuro sounds within the bulk of the track line out a very quick romp through phaser-like synths and aggressive digital percussion. Like most foundations of Russian-styled Drum & Bass, Kach uses “Miss Wah Wah Quasi” to complete the scenario of a chilly wintery warehouse in a dank, urban soundscape. Unlike American and more western styles of Drum & Bass, Kach uses less melodic riffs and features and decided to double down on tribal elements which root on the fans who seek out more sinister sounds.

Throughout the breakdown in the chorus, the digital percussion comes off slightly muted and less “in-your-face” while the complicated synth patterns in the background take over the spotlight. As the percussion becomes more frantic near the end of the track, the 8-bit-inspired synths come to the forefront, but never oversteps its bounds by trying to disturb the simple, tribal semblance of the main breakdown. With the slight tint of neurofunk, the razor-like backbeat described above could be ideal for taking your “vanilla” DnB friends into the niche territory.

Grab the track here.

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