Kaizen Flow ‘TLM/Object’ [VTO Records]

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Reviews, Tunes

Comin in hot this week with the final release of 2022 on VTO Records is Kaizen Flow with two tracks to steamroll through your sets with killer style. VTO and Kaizen Flow have both been heavy hitters in drum and bass this year and this release is a perfect match to wrap it up with a BANG! Time to get right into these absolute stompers: “TLM” and “Object”.


A gentle vibe leads “TLM” into the build as atmospheric sounds engulf the elements. The beats blast through the tranquility, forceful and fierce, the synths humming a melody as the symphony builds wildly. High end harmonics stutter to life and a twist drops the beat building the suspense stretching to the drop. Bewildering basslines growl and thrash flawlessly as the highs cry on in a maddening, melodic display of filthy funk. “TLM” brings finesse to the mix and will get the floor to move and groove balancing an upbeat mood with the darkness bubbling beneath in an ultrasonic BOOM!


Militant beats blast through the build, growing in force as they charge the drop with full force. “Object” unfolds into an all out assault on the dance, blasting through the mix with nefarious neurofunk flowing ferociously with retaliating basslines that bounce through the roaring rhythms to ravish the floor with a powerfully punchy beats and brilliantly timed fills. A quick switch before the breakdown flips the energy only to revolt and rise once more, a clever trick to keep the vibes thick before finally letting the floor breathe before attacking again with bulletproof force. Crafty composition from Kaizen Flow makes “Object” stand out from the rest with heart pounding, nonstop energy this is one of the most solid neurofunk tracks this year.

Grab your copy of Kaizen Flow’s “TLM” and “Object” out this Friday on VTO Records. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER!



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