Kallan HK – Flight Path / Future Shock [Program]


Kallan HK – Flight Path / Future Shock [Program]

So this week we are going to take a peek at a US based producer out of Los Angeles that goes by Kallan HK. She has been busy and building her discography with release on Viper, RAM and Play Me Records.  Her latest release as of May 24th 2019 is yet again with Program and these two tracks are night and day so it  makes it a solid buy. Even Beatport thinks so as they currently have it marked as an Exclusive as I write this!

Flight Path is really mellow and smooth.  It has a nice bass feel of liquid but the toughness of a drum and bass track.  She injects this nice flowing vocal sample throughout the track that adds to the melody.  The bassline on this one flows smoothly and hit the sub nicely! Give it a listen and tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Kallan HK on this next one give us a banger of track, Future Shock! Hard, sweeping bass lines on this neuro track are great.  The hard rolling beat goes right along with that drop. We have some vocals during the buildup that tie everything together!!  This track will give you some bassface! I have a feeling we will hear this across many DJ’s sets in the near future.

Overall I think this is a great two track release.  The fact the two tracks are different in every respect makes it even better. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Kallan HK and her diverse production style. Keep an eye and an ear out for Kallan HK!   

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