KANINE won’t sit with “Stand Up” ft. Emily Makis [KANINE MUSIC]

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Tunes

This dog can’t be leashed. After winning Best Newcomer in UKF’s Drum&Bass Arena Awards last year in 2019, London-based producer Kanine has burst out the gate in 2020 with major releases on Bassrush Records, Crucast, UNLEASHED, and Hybrid Music UK. The recent Blonde D&B barrage may be responsible for this summer’s heat having reignited his Summer Essential Mix with Vol 2 feature tons of new music from the ‘Lighter Crew’ producer.

With his most recent tune comes the birth and first release of his very own, self-titled lable: KANINE MUSIC. Continuing to dig deeper into his love for Jungle roots, Kanine’s ‘Stand Up’ rises with reverb Reggae riffs and remnants of MC vocal-effects into warm, rhythmic horns that hit with a stunt catching you in the remembrance of that soothing Jungle sound. Accompanied by the alluring vocals of Liquid D&B Lyricist Emily Makis (Notts, UK), Makis’ wonderful lyrics relay, “. . . When you look backwards, it’s only going to hurt you. Making you laugh, ’cause you’ve been a fool . . . You know where you came from, But you ain’t gotta hold on” reminding that holding on to the past can hold you back. That, there are tough life experiences in which you may have been played for the fool but in looking back and laughing at those situations for what they really are comes realizations and then relief. The lyrics tell of acknowledging your past, the hurdles you have overcome, and how far you have come to where you’re at now, but they also express that holding on for too long or revisiting the past too often distracts and prevents you from living in the now and looking towards the future.

The song rips into low roaring reese waves riding reanimated classic breaks from Kanine’s very own modern tight-drummed Liquid Jungle chune with Makis expressing, “Cause you gotta Stand Up, Move on. ‘Cause eventually those memories are gon’ fall” reiterating to listeners to not cling to the past but to move forward. Though some may cherished while others resurface pain, those memories are of the past, and those moments are gone. Holding on to and loathing for something no longer there drains and hurts you preventing you from getting up and moving on to live. You have passed those memories and instead of letting them cause you to fall by the wayside, you must let them fall behind. Kanine’s ‘Stand Up’ encourages you to be proud of your progress and to keep pushing to capture and create new moments and memories.

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