KarmasynK – Disturbed Motion [Delta9 Recordings]


Gracing you listeners with some slick US vibes is KarmasynK‘s Disturbed Motion single on Delta9 Recordings. Following up from his impressive Willing to Sacrifice EP on C4C Limited, the San Fransico native adds to his already growing catalog with 2 new dark tracks sure to give some extra flavor to your playlist and sets.

The title track Disturbed Motion is a bit of oxymoron for the title because this track is sure to keep you stepping for the entirety of the track. Starting with droning bass and a steady beat with atmospheric sounds filling the background, the track builds to a solid stuttered drum pattern. Then it quickly launches into some good neuro footwork, with buzzing synths which add an almost percussive element to it. The end result is a versatile track that can amp up even the deepest of sets and at the same time bring some nice breathing room into a rowdy set.

The B-side adds a different sort of flavor, Digging Under (pun intended) into some deep filth. Sporting a more minimal feel to it, the track is a well crafted deep tune. Featuring a nice clappy snare and steady drumline with banging kick alongside a droning bassline that shifts ever so slightly in key variations as it moves on, this is sure to add some nice flavor to your ears. Progressively building as it rolls on, the complexity of the track kicks up after the bridge, making this a track you are going to let it roll on and on.

KarmasynK brings to the table some exquisite deep flavor, showcasing his skills in crafting Drum and Bass tracks. Bringing some groovy deep neuro tracks that not only sound good through your speakers but also are expertly crafter for your DJ sets.

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