Kasra + Particle – Psychoactive/Tinted [Critical Music]


Whenever Critical Music pops up on your feed you know you’re in for some sleek drum and bass. Even more so when the bossman himself Kasra steps up to the plate to sling some fresh tunes alongside Particle, adding to the London native’s impressive number of releases within the last year and a half since breaking into the scene with his release on Critical’s Binary series. The two have teamed up to bring what is to be the first of series of collaborative projects with different artists on the label, the first being Psychoactive/Tinted.



Psychoactive is full of dark energy enough to jump-start your motor cortex to start dancing. Starting with airy and ambient synths with a simple yet steady beat, it sets a good pace for the rest of the tune. Psychoactive is perfect parts deep and funky. With a catchy mainline punctuated with spaceship-like sounds layering the background, the tracks shift from a steady groove to a more fast-paced tone. All the while, the “funk” in neurofunk can be felt hard throughout the track. This one of those perfect tracks for when you want to turn down the intensity in your set without sacrificing that deep sound.

However, 2020 seems to be the year of the B-Sides since Tinted in my opinion takes the cake. The meat of this track has all the hallmarks of a steller deep track. Starting slow and steady with pulsing bass, the track keeps building on itself. Then before you know it, it shifts to a faster pace interlaced with synths that blur the line between MIDI and the human voice, drizzled with interstellar sound. The accents of this track make it stand on its own in a mix but can still blend seamlessly with other tracks.

Psychoactive/Tinted showcases the things we love about Critical Music: deep vibes, stunning atmosphere, and style that both listeners and DJs love. With this being the start of Critical Music’s series of collaborations, I am looking forward to what’s to come more so that I already do.

Make sure you take a listen and grab your copy today!




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