Kasra + Serum – Noodles EP [Critical Music]

by | Sep 13, 2020 | Tunes

If you are hungry for some new drum and bass then this week will set you straight. In what can be described as Gordon Ramsey and Guy Feri teaming up to make you a three-course meal, the label masters Karsa of Critical Music and Serum of Souped Up Records have dished up three tasty tunes for your taste buds. While on different sides of the DnB isle, the two label managers combine their skills together to create some dirty tunes, with all the flavors balanced to perfection.

Noodles shows off this perfect balance between the two producers in excellent form. While opening with the dark atmosphere from the dark edge of the traditional underground sound, teases of that rough sound found in jump up chime in. Then that fat fuzzy bass that is inexplicably Serum’s work that has prevailed within the roller scene mixes with the accents of computer noise and crisp drums in perfect fashion. But Kasra’s deep underground is not lost even when the track starts to speed up.

Fade Out flips the script however; while Noodles takes from Serum’s from bounce sound, Kasra’s deft touch for sound is seen in the forefront. With water synths opening start with the track and a gritty horn, this track gets funky very quickly. With warm bass and slick drum, this track wavers with a deep sound while retaining some aggression that sits perfectly on top.

Blaze Heat sits as the final course and the perfect blending of label managers’ skills. It has everything you want from each producer’s prowess. From the warm bass and sublime atmosphere of sound from Kasra to the rough and almost percussive synths and stabs of Serum, this track mixes the unique styles in a groovy deep yet aggressive track.

The Noodles EP is one unexpected treat. While the combination of the label managers seems odd at first, Kasra and Serum show in this EP while they are the bosses. With deep and gritty sounds, this EP is sure to fill your appetite. Make sure you grab your copy today!


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