Keeno – Futurist LP

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Tunes

Things in drum and bass seem to be coming full circle. With the smooth minimal drums, deep basslines and catchy melodic keys, the soulful sounds of Keeno’s latest album are nothing short of brilliant. Med School Music is at it again with a release that really grabs your soul. “Futurist” is a full length 16 track album that dives deep into the heart of liquid drum and bass, but not only does Keeno’s music have precision in composition, it embraces the evolution of drum and bass while incorporating the classic writing techniques of using live instruments and holding on to that human element in his tracks . To me “Land, Sea and Sky” is the song that really sums up this album and Keeno’s style, bringing you to that early morning when you get home from the party, the sun is coming up and your beat from a great night of dancing your ass off vibes…yes, this is that song! The best part is the rest of the album is just as amazing, have a listen for your self with this mini mix of the new release. Sadly you can not have this one in your collection just yet, it will be out 2/25/16 on all major digital music outlets. Enjoy the mix and when this drops, BUY IT AND PLAY IT LOUD!

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