Khronos ‘Exile EP’ [Kosen Prod]

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Reviews, Tunes

Kosen is gliding into the year on deep harmonious vibes with Khronos ‘Exile EP’. Get lost in the subduing, cinematic subsonic sounds that twinkle with light seeping through the dark drive. Khronos reels you in to the ‘Exile EP’ with a tight grip delivering sounds that are tranquil, warm and welcoming meeting an ominous mood with drops that bring a serious boom. Let’s get right into the ‘Exile EP’ in its entirety.


A gentle melody winds in on soft pads building the atmosphere as “Dreamweaver” emits a warm glow bringing a delicate beat into the mix. The drop rolls in on a refined rhythm welcoming a melancholy verse into the blend with the bassline injecting volume and depth, zipping low amidst the overall empowering nature of the track. Pristinely placed breaks and a sprinkle of effects wraps “Dreamweaver” together in melodically cataclysmic DNB.


The build crawls to life in serene softness blending ethereal vocalizations with a moving melody. Broken by a quick vocal clip and flipped into a dangerously technical beast “Evolve” carefully caresses the vibe with rhythms that clutch and wind amidst a colorful array of effects paired with a low, driving bassline. “Evolve” carries a sweltering moody groove with dark energy surging in the mix in every hit as it swells with precision and animated beats in a suffocating grip.


Warmth engulfs the build with soft synths shimmering and angelic vocalizations seeping seductively through the shadows as the composition grows intertwining the melody as the bass bellows, slicing into the drop. A powerful onslaught waits in a melee of hard hitting basslines, rambunctious rhythms and melancholy melodies carrying a dismal saga of emotional weight. “Exile” is a booming cinematic production to rattle the bins and raise hair on the skin!


Frozen in time “Forever” meanders in on chilling tones scattered through the build s the drop barrels in unannounced with a pulverizing pounce. Diving between a stampede of bass and low undertones the feisty rhythms flare with stabbing synths to fill the air with an electrifying spark. “Forever” brings thickness to the mix with its punchy funk leveling up any playlist or DJ set!

The ‘Exile EP’ is available now from Khronos on Kosen! CLICK HERE TO BUY.

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