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We are diving right into 2024 drum and bass with a stack of tracks to stomp the dance and heat up those winter mix sets. Here’s a list of some of the hottest tunes firing up this fresh year with Neurofunk infused power right off the bat! It’s a jam packed January so put these DJ weapons at the top of your watch list!

MV – “Time to Fly” & “Zara” [Gutting Audio]

MV is an absolute machine in the drum and bass scene coming out of 2023 with huge momentum from his heart pounding production that’s been charting high and gathering heads. Steamrolling right into 2024 MV has much more in store starting off with this fresh batch of bangers on Gutting Audio.

It’s “Time to Fly” into the Neuro Universe with MV so strap in as this one is a heater! Emerging softly before an onslaught of beats boosts the build and flips it into overdrive, get ready for take off! “Time to Fly” will send this mix into another dimension entirely as it snaps through wickedly curated, aggressive beats and blistering basslines straight into the sky!

“Zara” zips us back into the funhouse of fear with MV’s playfully punchy, eerie beats meeting darkly subduing basslines to charge up the mix with an ultra funky hit. Whipping and snapping with an onslaught of power ”Zara” throbs with thickness and the second drop will bring a bounce to the floor with neck snapping quickness.

“Time to Fly” and “Zara” drop on Gutting Audio January 11th. PRE-ORDER HERE


Despersion – “Despoir” [SLK Records]

Riding high off the recent release of their debut album ‘Rave’ (full feature here) on SLK Records Despersion spirals deeper into the space rave delivering a steamy single to add a high octane boost to awaken the new year. “Despoir” pans through a moody intro with deep kicks covered in a haze of enchanting vocalizations in the blend as the synths crawl in caressing a mesmerizing verse into the composition. An explosive drop sends uncontrolled energy surging through, soaring to new heights on whirling high end melodies and punchy rhythms raging with the bassline winding it all together with its relentless grip digging deeper. A brilliant contrast from the vocal floats through the mix, “Despoir” from Despersion shouldn’t be missed!

Pick up your copy of “Despoir” from Despersion on SLK Records the 12th of January.  PRE-ORDER HERE


Skrimor –  ‘Keep on Funkin EP’ [Neuropunk Records]

Three banging originals and a remix of Teddy Killerz “Untitled 6” brings the fire to the ‘Keep on Funkin EP’ from Skrimor ringing in 2024 extra tough on Neuropunk Records. Skrimor’s sound has a signature style you can expect upbeat, funky, colorful compositions that command control in the mix with immense attention to detail and lots of flavorful bits.

“Keep on Funkin” delivers a bubbly, upbeat mood with fresh vocal cuts weaving through the mix surrounded by playfully placed rhythms and earth shattering basslines that bring an intense bounce to the track.

“Organic Life” cranks up the aggression as the basslines dip and dive sprawling through an annihilating pattern on the drums keeping the mix pulsing with deep, dark, ominous energy.

A furious tech-step tone drives “Soul Splitters” cascading through filthy and full beat patterning with a grinding groove. Modern sound design keeps it plume as the nostalgia creeps into the mix seething through every bit this one delivers a heavy hit.

Wrapping up the ‘Keep on Funkin EP’ Skrimor takes a stab at the remix for Teddy Killerz “Untitled 6” resulting in a track that absolutely crushes it as he adds a fiercely fluid groove into this already massive tune. A playful mood bubbles through with a perfectly funky Neuro boost emitting the vibe of the original tune. Skrimor continues to make his mark with tunes that spark the epitome of fire in the mix!

The ‘Keep on Funkin EP’ from Skrimor lands on Neuropunk Records January 15th. PRE-ORDER your copy and get it as soon as it hits!


Overtune – “Push” & “Sonic Boom” [Neuroheadz]

Hands down no question how Neuroheadz snagged best newcomer label of 2023 with an obscenely gnarly collection of the hardest hitting DNB and they’re coming into the New Year strong pumping full steam with the first installment of their 2024 catalogue Overtune’s “Push” and “Sonic Boom”.

“Push” rides steady on in your face energy bubbling through the build with heavy artillery blasting through the beats and surging basslines gushing into the mix for a fiercely flowing neuro overload to move the room and make the bins BOOM!

“Sonic Boom” pushes the anticipation for a massive drop through the build and delivers without a doubt with a mood pumping tune to elevate the room with its aggressive aura and hefty hype in the high end as it blasts through the mix.

Keep an eye out for Overtune’s “Push” & “Sonic Boom” coming to Neuroheadz soon!


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