Killer Hertz – Prometheus/Cryogenics [Viper Recordings]

by | Nov 26, 2016 | Tunes

Killer Hertz, a name fresh on the scene debuts their first solo EP on Viper Recordings. Comprised of 3 multi talented producers, their sudden appearance on Viper has been well received. Only on their fourth outing, Killer Hertz have built a rapport of quality and consistency.  Quickly identifying themselves with the bright epic club sound, “Prometheus” and “Cryogenics” display exactly that.

“Prometheus” opens with an epic cinematic soundscape slowly building into tribal drums and a rising bassline. As the tune breaks you’re hit with a wall of sliding synths and stabs carried along by a walking bass riff. The track delivers a vibe that will leave any crowd reaching for the lasers.

“Cryogenics” opens with a colder cinematic sequence that builds into their signature epic vibe. When the tune breaks a rising synth and morphing bassline lock the tune together. Further in, icy stabs bring a mild menacing element that creates dimension and contrast through the tune.

As a DJ i’m always looking for new names that i can count on to deliver consistent quality when i see new releases. Killer Hertz has been a great addition to my watch list and I cannot wait to see whats next from these heavy hitting newcomers.


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