Killer Hertz – The Unknown [Elevate Records]

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This somewhat anonymous trio that hails from Brighton, UK is set to take the drum and bass world by storm in 2019. Emerging at their own pace since 2016 Killer Hertz have put out several singles on Viper Recordings. They have since signed to Friction’s label, Elevate Records. Keeping the momentum going early releases are followed up with a grip of solid tunes that prove Killer Hertz are here to stay and increasing the thrills as we are introduced to their vision for drum and bass music.

2018 saw great success on compositions such as ‘Gorilla’ ft. Chris Girl Problem and ‘Top Spot’ with Harry Shotta. Their remix with Friction on Fatboy Slim’s ‘Right Here Right Now’ hit over 1 million streams and was nominated for ‘Best Remix’ in the DNB Arena Awards. They creating a consistent record for themselves with a new aged approach and intricate production methods. Having strong individual backgrounds in music and songwriting they showcase the versatile skills each member contributes to the project.  Above all this brings fresh ideas and exciting elements to their writing techniques.

In addition to producing tracks they are building the hype for their “live band and audio visual show” which we can expect more info on soon. This is definitely an exciting twist to the live drum and bass experience. It will be interesting to see their ideas executed to action!

Meanwhile let’s check out their latest single ‘The Unknown’ which is out now on Elevate Records as part of the Quadrant EP vol.2.

This track peaks interest from the get go with a discretely intense entrance. Deep, rolling, menacing drum beats build the battle vibe. The vocal sample ‘into the unknown’ appears subtly, becoming more prominent as it leaves us in high anticipation of what’s to come.

Suddenly we are jerked to attention by  long, drawn out robotic bass that surges through the darkness. Still unsure what to expect, the tune continues to build in suspense. The drop attacks hard with low rumbling, galactic baselines paired with clever high end synths and some creative outer worldly samples. This tune fits the interstellar, neurofunk vibe Killer Hertz has exhibited in some of their previous tracks.

The breakdown allows us to breathe before the second drop where an epic space battle continues to engulf us with an extra power boost to keep the energy levels elevated. The drums shine in this track; patterned in a hard hitting, steady, broken beat with nicely timed rolls and accompaniments. It is evident they put a lot of time into layering the sounds to make truly immense songs. This emphasizes the unique elements of their style yet compliments other tunes nicely in the mix. Bottom line, this one is guaranteed to keep dance floors in action!

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