Kings of the Rollers – Debut Album [Hospital Records]


The self titled debut album from the Kings of the Rollers is out now on Hospital Records. Packed with 17 tracks there’s a medley of bass full of flavor from this trio of visionaries delivering everything anticipated and then some. Kings of the Rollers have combined their unique, individual talents to create a powerful collection of drum and bass music that is beyond next level.

Bouncy, playful rollers like “Flamingo” and “Zulu”, which adds an absolutely sinister twist to this album, prove there are plenty of energetic tracks to be utilized in the mix. Adding to that list is “M-O-V-E” featuring Inja’s vocal expertise. It’s upbeat and insanely smooth primed to make the floor bounce.

On the flip side Kings of the Rollers have also produced soul gripping vocal tracks on a journey into the darkest depths of bass on selections such as “You Got Me” and “The Sky is Falling” featuring an intense, breathtaking vocal from Lydia Plain. These are two solid tunes with hair raising intros that satisfy with a thick, bassy punch.

Monster numbers like “Rockers” featuring MC Bassman and “Mammoth” are set to obliterate the dance floor and consume the crowd with a cryptic, demonic sound. “Mammoth” is a species of drum and bass all in its own; listen for the clever drum composition over that wicked dynamic bassline, wowza!

“Timebomb” is a serious bass bomb that brings this album to another dimension. It rumbles deep and low humming along reminiscent of late 90’s/early 00’s techstep sounds. Quite possibly the most lethal tune for the arsenal from the King of the Rollers debut album could very well be “Shaolin Technique”. Featuring the cheeky vocals from MC Bassman you’ll quickly find this tune is no joke! At the drop it is an absolute SMASHER; that bass is so dangerous it will bring the roof down and pull faces like you’ve never seen!!

And there’s so much more! Kings of the Rollers have come together to produce seventeen tracks spanning a wide range of rolling drum and bass sounds composed with artistry and precision. This is a solid album that deserves a listen from beginning to end. They are a force to be reckoned with on and off the dance floor; Kings of the Rollers are hurdling forward molding the future of drum and bass, non-conforming to any standard but their own.

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