Kip Killagain/ False Flag – Bad Boy Roller – Kingz Of The Jungle


The Bad Boyz of jungle are back in town bb!

Kingz Of The Jungle / Bad boy Roller // KK og mix /// False Flag rmx

Fresh like morning snow, cold blooded like the hands of the Senate. Kingz of the Jungle has just dropped enough heat into the jungle ethos to make Fargo feel like Cancun. This past holiday week, the homie good ol’ Saint  Killagain, dropped a legitimate dubplate upon the junglist massive. A pair of heavyweight selections that have gotten some underground circulation amongst dj’s close to the Kingz. But now, its out for all to covet. It shall be used to push the limits of speaker stacks around the world.

This is no where close to being Kip Killagain or False Flag’s first rodeo releasing huge signature tunes. Both, apart of the game since the 90’s. Have resided in Northern Arizona. Consistently over the decades raising the bar, setting standards, and showing nothing but love for jungle and dnb. These two assassin’s have been lurking in the darkest part of the forest and rugged wilderness. Honing a skill set that is built for success. From djing, to production, running a label, throwing events, booking tours, and building a scene from scratch. These guys do it all. With a precision and tact unknown to most.

Killagain has had previous releases on X-13 ( the infamous west coast label collab between him, U-ome & Morphius) , Sound Sphere . While False Flag crossed directly into the pit of darkness. Releasing heavy dark dnb with iconic labels Tech Itch: & Sound Sphere . Whether its a tough roller like this release, heavy dark amen driven dnb , or classical mash-up jungle. Both of these technical jedi are equipped to produce music that stands the test of time. Keeping us deep in the jungle at all times.


Bad Boy Roller gets two flips here. The A-Side being the original cut from Kip Killagain. Jumping straight into to the vibe. With a classic jungle break. Easing us into the center of the launch pad. Surrounded by an echo chamber of vocal licks, laser shots, and acid stabs. We are immediately transported to the time when deep bass and filtered breaks ruled the dance floors. Changeling the spitirs of jungle’s past. This takes me to the era where labels like Frontline , A-Sidez, Granja Kru, and Moving Shadow used to assault speaker cones. Turn our bodies into liquid , and releasing the blacker sides of serotonin in our brains.

False Flag’s remix of this cut goes deep into the serpentine lair. Maintaining the same vibe as the OG. Flag get’s heavier on the usage of chopped and filtered amens. Dropping in and out of the mix like SCUD missiles. Serving us the expected ration of gorilla bass and breaks that False Flag is known for. Taking a tune that has already dipped your toes into murky waters. Makes it hard to go deeper and darker. But Flag definitely goes beneath the crust and reveals a new splinter in the matrix. Super heavy dark dude business.


Since we both live in Arizona. I had a moment to catch up with my homeboy, Kip Killagain. Here’s some of the bits I gathered from our CHOP SHOP!!

What’s good my selecta!?

What’s good is Bad Boy Roller is now out and I am looking at releasing more music soon for Chinese New Year!

You have a very long and established career in the jungle and dnb scene. What’s your origin story?
In 91 my sister Clove (R.I.P.) showed me a Moby cd and at first I did not understand Electronic music but soon came to really love Jungle and the rest is history, I was serious by September 93.
You’ve worked with some pretty prolific people in the global jungle scene. How did those opportunities come about?
Bizzy B hit me up asking if he could visit saying he was coming to L.A. for only one show!, funny cause I live in a small town where Jungle music is NOT popular and soon after the promoters in L.A. were very mad at me that Bizzy B wanted to visit me in Flagstaff Arizona. Either way after that I started helping him setup tours in the U.S. West Coast and he encouraged me to keep releasing music and D.J. shows.
This release is a collaborative effort between you and False Flag. Who also has been apart Kingz. As well as been working with labels like Sound Sphere and Tech Itch. What was the creative process like between you two?
False Flag and I always have fun together and well Bad Boy Roller like many other tunes the Original version was lost and the horribly mixed Dubplate version was released so we just duped up some remixes so that I could still claim my own song and release on my own label.
I know you have decades of experience navigating and succeeding at being a multi faceted artist. The dj, the producer, the promoter, the label owner, the booking agent, the merchandiser, the designer. What advice would you give someone new who wants to go on the journey You’ve embarked on?
If you plan on embarking on the Jungle/DnB journey I suggest that you really love the music and want to research your ROOTS & CULTURE!
Who in your opinion is just killing the game right now?
Well I truly believe in my friends and I think R.A.W. aka6Blocc, U-Ome, Flase Flag, Spikey Tee,Bizzy B and Mestizo are still Killing the Game!
As someone who has pretty much experienced every sound and trend of dnb. What era and style seem to hold near and dear to you?
Oh man I am stuck in my 1996 era, yeah I know I am a geezer but I had soo much fun and magic in my life at that time so I think I am just attached to those tunes!
Do you agree with recent statements by people like Grooverider and Serum that “everything dnb is actually jungle” and “foghorns are out and authentic old school  jungle vibes are on the comeback”?
Jungle has always been there and will continue to be KING but with foundational people like Grooverider saying it, best believe old school jungle vibes are on the comeback (:
What’s next for you and Kingz of the Jungle?
What’s next for Kingz Of The Jungle label is a Bizzy B & TDK tune called “Wicked Man” with 6Blocc Remix and K.O.T.J. Remix coming Chinese New Year! woohoo (:
Well it is always a pleasure to chop it up with you. Let’s do this again, and feel free to shout out all the homies!!!!
Big Shouts to Arizona Crews showing mad love MELT DNB (Phx) CULTURE DNB (Tuc) ELEVATED DNB (Flg)


Honestly, I’ve been sitting on this tune for a hot minute. And it is so bad, it should be put in detention. It’s always a great thing to see people pushing the authentic jungle sound these days. Both of the rude boys have developed a standing reputation for producing great pieces of art. Representing the sound and culture that got most of us into drum and bass/jungle from the jump. This one just hits. Hits on all cylinders. The production and arrangement is top notch. With intent on lighting up the speaker coils, whilst practicing restraint on over compressing and layering the atmosphere to death. It’s the junglist equivalent of experiencing a grind house film.

This is supposed to be the year where “jungle” makes its comeback. I just want to re-iterrate the narrative many of us, who dwell under the camo nets share. Jungle isn’t coming back. It’s always been here. There are many of us that have never quit playing it. Producing it. Releasing it. As well as supporting it. It’s just a coalescing between the times changing and current trends getting tired. While many “yung bloods” and “new jacks” are discovering these sounds for the first time. It’s amazing that battle tested rockers like The Kingz are still laying down the truth for us. I highly encourage y’all to grab this release. Drop it for the homies, and watch necks break. When you need more of this for your fix. Go to the valley of the Kingz, Kingz Of The Jungle, and come cross with the realness.




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