Kiril – Black Noise EP [The Dreamers Recordings]

by | Aug 15, 2016 | Tunes

Admittedly, one of the perks of reviewing music is you get some music sent to you to from time to time to review and check out. Some are hits, some are misses, and every now and again you come across an artist or a label that you wonder how the hell you ever missed out on them in the first place. About 10 days ago I got an email from the owner of The Dreamers Recordings with info on their upcoming 5th release, which is an EP from Kiril. I admittedly had not heard of the label or its first releases so I clicked on the link to see what was on the other side, and as it turns out it is really good music. Like really good. Over its last four, and upcoming fifth, releases, there is this hybrid mutation of drum and bass, jungle, half time, juke, and footwork all rolled up into this funky ass package that is just good for your ear holes.

Their fifth release comes courtesy of Kiril. The Como, Italy badman has previous releases on Flexout Audio, Vandal and a few other labels and is now adding The Dreamers to his resume. Sadly, its not everyday that every song on a release or an EP is top notch, but that is not the case with this EP. The Black Noise EP is a lesson in how to program drums, on how to edit a break, and proves that you can blend razor sharp production and still retain a raw funky vibe. This EP is cohesive as a project as well as each song has its own identity. I was going to try to narrow down to one track to review, but instead, I am just going to suggest you go check out this full EP and the previous four releases from The Dreamers Recordings.

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