Kleu ‘Puppet EP’ [DeVice]


If there’s one thing to be said about DeVice it’s that the releases on this label do not fit in any modern DnB box, oh no, they stand in a class all their own. Release after release has been flowing from Rene Lavice’s label, just over a year deep in the game, and they are getting more intense than ever. The latest from Kleu with the ‘Puppet EP’ is another exemplary display of the unique sound design going into the production of these tracks. Let’s take a look at what the ‘Puppet EP’ from Kleu has in store for the drum and bass world.

An angry intro fuming with wrath kicks of this edgy number as the title cut “Puppet” climbs in on dangerous synths growling deep with warning. A ravenous rant cuts through, on the warpath, confrontational yet crisp and smooth. Broken basslines punch and stab as this edgy number flows into a frenzy of dirty foghorns blasting and booming in a blissful bounce only to flip into a wiggly wobble to blast the bins to bits. Broken beats keep the rhythm rolling steady and the percussive elements fill perfectly to balance the grittiness of the bass line and welcome the verses freely. All in all pure vibrations on “Puppet” from Kleu. If you like the dark, nasty rolling foghorn with a fresh MC this one’s for you!

Dark, synthesized horns cry in despair as they punch through the build, “Searching” for their place amidst the ethereal vocalizations enchanting the mix as they entice the build unaware of the need waiting to be filled. Bass blasts elegantly in return as the vocal stutters and the lows fade for a quick breath before the drop. Engulfing the floor in a sea of bass the composition volleys between catastrophically electrifying low ends with resentful foghorns screaming in reply. “Searching” supplies massive bass design with low frequencies that resonate beneath clean beats with the divine vocalization twisting it all together, Kleu made something special with this one; “Searching” is a real rave ravager ready to be unleashed!

Grab your copy of the ‘Puppet EP’ available now from DeVice. 




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