Klippee – Critical Presents: Binary Music Vol. 19 [Critical Music]


Critical Music decided to serve up some confectionary drum and bass treats this past Valentine’s Day with new Binary Music EP. Coming out a year after Vol. 18 with ParticleVol. 19 brings some American flavor to the fold with Klippee bringing the spice. The Seattle based producer has a growing catalog of drum and bass/halftime, featured on various radio stations/podcasts such as Noisia Radio, and Binary Music Vol. 19 is the right place to start to get familiar with this skilled producer.

Too Tight open’s the EP perfectly with a showcase of well-produced deep drum and bass. Starting with simple yet deep vibes, this track drops very quickly into some very tight-knit production. This can be seen from the quality and sound of the drums; the sharp and quick high hats and snare with the shifting percussion nestled atop a punchy kick make a perfect groove. These synergize with the deep bass that lays the bedrock of this track.

Next up, we have High Ping, which continues the same level of quality. Starting with ominous samples and synths, it slowly builds with the leading hook and synths that sounds like distorted speech. As the track rolls on with a rather night wobbly bassline, the leading hook gets more and more twisted while the drums chug away in an excellent fast-paced beat.

Closing out the EP is very heated Cached. Starting with glitchy audio and synths, this track gets down to the business with big enthusiasm. With a kick that could shift tectonic plates, this neruofunk roller grooves right along with the same quality of drums and percussion found throughout the whole EP. As the track plays, different twisted synths pop in to give the impression of what a computer would say if it became sentient.

Finely representing the USA, Klippee stands an excellent example of the fire that comes from the US drum and bass scene. Make sure you grab this EP to pepper your sets and ears with today!



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Haji is simply put a tried and true Drum and Bass enthusiast. After being introduced to Drum and Bass in 2012, Haji became entranced by the music so much so he dedicated himself to learning all he can about the music and as a result how to spin it. Now he regularly puts out mixes and spins at shows not for money or fame, but just out of pure love of the art form. SOUNDCLOUD INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK