KNARS – Tear It All Down [Ohoh Records]

by | Jul 6, 2024 | News, Tunes

KNARS – Tear It All Down [Ohoh Records]

Welcome once again! KNARS, a leading figure in Dutch electronic music, Release their latest single, KNARS – Tear It All Down [Ohoh Records]. This impactful Drum & Bass track tackles the pressing issues of capitalist exploitation and societal injustices head-on. He draws inspiration from real-world events. Including police violence in the United States and the ongoing crisis in Palestine. Tear it All Down offers a bold critique of greed and corruption. With unflinching energy and a rebellious spirit. KNARS delivers a compelling and urgent message that resonates deeply in today’s socio-political landscape.

KNARS fearlessly confronts these issues with raw energy and unapologetic defiance, delivering a rebellious outcry against injustice. But what sets KNARS apart isn’t just the message. It’s their music. Drawing from the classic Gabber style of Dutch early hardcore, KNARS infuses ‘Tear it All Down’ with pulsating breakbeats and intense reese bass. Capturing the relentless nature of the daily rat race. The iconic ‘hoover’ sound, originating from Dutch Gabber culture, adds a distinctive edge to the track, making it a standout sonic offering.

A Vision

Accompanying the single is a music video that further emphasizes the urgency and importance of KNARS’ message. Through captivating imagery and visceral storytelling, KNARS invites viewers to confront harsh realities and join the fight for a more equitable world. 


As KNARS prepares to unleash ‘Tear it All Down,’ they invite listeners to join them in standing up against oppression and working towards a future where all voices are heard and valued. Buy stream and download! Watch the music video!

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