Knoxz – Burn Them to Ash / Forgotten [Abducted LTD]


Happy Monday everyone.  I hope everyone had a great raving weekend!!

This week we are going to talk about Knoxz and this new LP, Burn Them to Ash / Forgotten out on Abducted LTD.  Knoxz is no stranger to us and anyone that follows Best Drum and Bass.  This US based producer has been in the game for some time now.  He has releases on many different labels like; Multikill Recordings, Schedule One Recordings, Human Imprint and Renegade Hardware to name a few. He has both a slew of Original tracks and Remixes. The new tracks, Burn Them to Ash / Forgotten, are currently marked on Beatport as “Exclusive” and “Hype” for good reason…lets get into them.

Burn Them to Ash is a dark and deep stomper of a track. It has that dark feel from the start, it incorporates these highs throughout that give it a really nice horror movie feel to it.  The track is high energy and has very smooth changes throughout to keep it going. The low point in the middle is quick and the track comes slamming back in.  It has this dark vocal sample and it blends with the track really nice and adds to the dark feel. I feel this track has “Remix” written all over it, I wont be surprised when we see it come out and it can come in many flavors as well.

Forgotten is another smasher of a track. The drums on this one change somewhat drastically, this track has an almost Jungle feel to the drums at first and then the beat changes to a more DnB style drums as it moves forward. I feel the snare that is used reminds me of something that would be used in a jump up track, but I wouldn’t call this a jump up track. The bass flows and has a couple of different elements to it, it sounds really smooth and nice in the car!! This track is a good one for switching it up during a mix.

I enjoyed these two tracks, the difference between them makes it a solid buy. I can see why Beatport has them marked as “Hype” and I would not be surprised if we see Burn Them to Ash hit the top 100 in Beatport over the next few weeks. Knoxz is no stranger to Best Drum and Bass and I look forward to more dark deep tracks from him.

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