Kodin & Billain – Exobiota [Bad Taste Recordings]

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Tunes

The legendary Bad Taste Recordings is back in business with a massive release from the likes of Kodin & Billain. Bad Taste is one of the fundamental forces within the Drum And Bass community with having some of the biggest acts in the world in there roster of talent theres no surprise why they have the success they do. They have been very responsible for bringing light to some of the newer acts in the scene to providing the proper platform to release there sound with. With 052 being the next single on the lineup its time to learn more about this wicked sound.

Kodin & Billain are currently some of the most forward thinking producers in the scene releasing score after score of sci-fi and tech driven drum and bass painting the pictures of other worlds and scenes from dark neon lit alley ways. Their latest piece of weaponry is “Exobiota”. The tune starts of with dark and dredging cinematic synths with cyberpunk sounding FX and faint sirens in the distance as a haunting gothic esque choir creeps its way down your spine. The chanting breaks into an explosion of power and futuristic acid tones arpeggiate into the forefront of the tune. The sharp percussion quickly winds up its power barreling into a vocal sample speaking the words ” ive seen things ” before pummeling the track into a bare knuckle brawl of pounding drums matched with a gargantuan roar of bass ripping apart all in its path. The tune is met with increasingly challenging drum fills and percussion change ups sending its foes into dismay.

Whichever realm you choose to live in it is essential to plug in your cyberbrain and get informed to the latest sounds of Kodin & Billain. Music for Cyborgs, made by humans.. (cannot confirm nor deny Kodin or Billain are indeed human ) Coming December 2nd

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