Koherent – Second Storm EP [Shogun Audio]


Koherent is back with a brand new EP entitled Second Storm EP, yet again setting sound waves on fire. A duo based out of Bristol, they have a strong track record for releasing deep, dark, and soulful DNB on labels like Flexout Audio, Dispatch Recordings, and Shogun Audio. It’s the latter who bring us this release, and is a perfect match with a label well-known for releasing quality tunes across the entire spectrum of DnB.

“Thunder” starts the EP off with a masterful blend of tight rolling drums, cascading atmospherics, and rhythmic blasts of noise. It makes for an excellent blend of light and dark elements; the collage of drums is aggressive yet hypnotic, with the crisp production and harmonic elements balancing it out to create the distinctive vibe this track carries.

The opening chords of “Close to Me” instantly mesmerize the listener, with the melodic motif that enters only intensifying the effect. The steady rhythm fuses perfectly with the vocals, causing the mind to drift into space. The break succeeds in further developing the sense of weightlessness, with the rumbling bassline making it feel like you are constantly accelerating faster and faster.

Veering hard left into experimental and dark territory comes “Wine Spill.” Repetitive looping vocals, a rising bass line, and the metronomic slap of the snare all combine into a heady mix that twists the brain in every direction possible. This is a track that reveals the depths of the deeper side in DnB, and the immense enjoyment it brings to the table.

The serene sounds of “Mirrors” close the album out. Joining with minimal maestro Sinic on this one, the producers pull out all the stops to deliver a track filled to the brim with blissful melodies, lush atmospherics, and a soul driven beat. This is a track with seemingly endless depth, as each layer drifts in and out of your head, leaving you craving even more.

Out now on all your favorite platforms, this is a phenomenal EP that demonstrates the power precision and subtlety possess; and how well it complements the heaviest of basslines. Don’t sleep on this one!





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