Kolectiv – Hollow Point EP [CIA Records]

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Tunes

CIA Records is a mainstay of the drum and bass scene ever since its inception back in 1996. From then until now, they have constantly pushed the genre further through releasing music by artists seeking to keep the style fresh and forward-thinking. Their newest batch of tunes is delivered by none other than Kolectiv – an inventive duo that have been turning heads for some time in the world of DnB – who give us The Hollow Point EP.

Well-known for their dark and challenging side, their first offering on the release is a collaboration with Yung E featuring Kalm. “Platoon” starts with a driving beat and heavy drums sprinkled with the sound of bongs, certainly giving the dark vibe reminiscent of movies like Apocalypse Now and Platoon. Dark ambient textures collide with the rhythm to setup the foreboding vibe; growls of bass fill out the tune as it gets into full gear, with sprinkles of chattering hi-hats intermingling with all the other elements.

The title track steps up next, opening with classic sinister soundscapes and techy top loops that build and build until the distorted grunge bass swoops in. As the drop hits, the beat is furious, wild, and filled with precision. This is a fierce roller that refuses to let up, giving homage to the sounds of past and fusing that with modern styles of production. The bass line itself is a monster, reaching new levels of sub bass that shake you to the core.

“Hold It Down” is another collab, this time with Creatures. This track is incredibly groove heavy, focusing primarily on the interplay between the heavy bass driven beat and the snap of the snare to establish its vibe. There is plenty of dark tones littered throughout the track, showcasing both acts abilities at creating melodic tracks that still hit as heavy as any other tune out there. It shows the power minimal tracks have in creating dancefloor stompers as well as ones that explore the farthest reaches of bass tonalities.

Reaching deep down into the depth of the jungle, Kolectiv pulls out the frenzied “Send Out One.” True to its name, it employs a frenetic beat along with a synth sound that literally sounds like the sun shining. Completing the vibe are ragga vocal samples scattered throughout the song that showcase their knowledge of the style. This tune is a full workout that effortlessly deploys layers of sounds which recall one reason why the genre originally got its name.

Closing it all out is “Bring It.” With an intro that uses a hypnotic vocal sample to complement the 2-step style beat, its evident this is going to be a mind bender. The growling bass line and ambient synth that blend perfectly with the other elements of the song create a unique vibe rarely heard in the genre. This track creates the feeling you are hearing things from the past, present, and future all seamlessly colliding together; making this a prime example of the way modern electronic producers are so akin to the classical composers of old.

Kolectiv, and CIA Records, have really outdone themselves on this EP. This is a diverse release you will want to pick ASAP!!




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