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This week we look at an upcoming face fresh in drum and bass with the forthcoming ‘Destiny EP’ from Komax on IN: DEEP Music. Riding on the darker, more technical side of the spectrum Komax stylishly presents an array of tracks to enhance the moodiness of any set.

Swirling in on synths and pads title track “Destiny” quickly sets the tone for this EP. The beat kicks in as the atmospherics swell to the drop, a deep and dirty bassline awaits volleying between deep drops and flanged rolls on the bass amidst a clean rhythm. A vicious vocal swarms the scene smooth in delivery and weighted with emotion as the bass continues to crawl through the composition. Colorful fills and clever breaks create variations in the rhythm to keep “Destiny” flowing through the mix.

“Ktulhu” kicks off with playful vocalizations running amidst the highs as synths carry us into a steady beat. Fills and vocals slide in and out of the measures to the drop that awaits full of dark basslines that roll and tumble as a lively beat entertains the rhythm full of warm tones as the vocalizations continue to weave through. Intense technicality and intricacy on the beat creates good builds within measures making “Kthlhu” a fun track to layer in a mix.

An arpeggio of manipulated keys introduces “Pure” climbing and tumbling through the scale meeting up with an airy beat. The drop comes quick with little warning as low, grimy bellows of bass blast between notes as the keys carry the melody through the composition. Technical fills and pattern variations leave way for sneaky effects to fill the spaces creating moodiness in the mix. The second drop provides a colorful variation in production for “Pure” manipulating the bassline into short, foggy blasts before reverting to the structure of the original measures.

“PUSH!” plays in as hi-hats procreate with the kicks inviting the snares to beef up the beat. All ears are on the drop as a monstrous bassline bellows hitting the lowest notes as long growls tumble in between. Mischievous beat patterns are complex and dirty while the effects echo amidst the madness amping up the undertones, varying the design ever so slightly to keep the composition moving furiously along. “PUSH!” is high energy, complex technicality and we’re really digging what Komax is coming with in the ‘Destiny EP’.

Wrapping up the ‘Desinty EP’ release “Wall-E” tones it down a notch as the intro winds in through ambient sounds carried by a light rhythm. Deep notes of bass bounce, warped and manipulated as they flow beneath a tranquil melody flowing smoothly as mechanical undertones echo in the background. Melancholy and moody “Wall-E” is a solid selection to ride the dark, techy vibe warming up the dance floor.

Keep your eyes peeled for the ‘Destiny EP’ coming from Komax on IN:DEEP Music. We’ll have updates as soon as we hear of a release date.


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