Konlfict – Messiah (Magnetude remix) [Renegade Hardware]

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Messiah (Magnetude remix)

Hello to all drum and bass friends! Today I share with you an insight on Magnetude‘s remix of Konflict – Messiah. Out on Renegade Hardware! We get a word from the dudes themselves on this massive tune. We’ve been hearing them drop this track in the sets for some time. Now its just been released within the past week. And it is tearing up the waves everywhere. Many producers have had a go at remixing this legendary track. Now Magnetude steps in to put the skills down in the studio. A well deserved spot on Renegade Hardware with a track like this if you ask me. Lets get some inside details about this one.

Messiah remix Q & A with Magentude

Q: Messiah is one of the most iconic dnb tunes of all time. With many remixes following the original, what made you decide to have a go at it?

Rustam : Hey Josh, thanks so much for having us. We were given the task of remixing the track from Clayton. The label boss of Renegade Hardware.

James : Back in 2021, I see Clayton put a post up on his Facebook profile. Talking about a remixes project he was curating. So I hit him up to ask about it and he said that he would love us to get involved. We could choose any track we wanted, Except  Messiah. I told him that this was the track we would love to have a stab at. Then if he didn’t like it he didn’t need to release it. He was absolutely cool with it. Going on to say that the Noisia and Spor remixes helped them at the early stages of their careers. And that if he wanted to see anyone do well, it was us.

Q: What would you say you added to the track that makes your remix stand out
against the original?

James: For us, when it comes to remixes, the key thing is to retain as many key elements from the original track as possible. But to give it a unique twist.

Rustam: Yeah, we studied the original track. Also the Noisia and Spor remixes. Because a very important thing for us is to not sound anything near anyone else. And to sound as original as possible. We tend to write drops first and then work an intro as soon as we have the base of the drop down. Now with the intro, we wanted to give the remix more of an eastern vibe. So we added in a lot of details and layers to make the remix feel more conceptual.

James: One crucial thing with our productions is the 2nd drop. And trying to switch the whole tune up. We kept in mind that remixing a track like Messiah, we need to cater for the heads. Who look at the original track as the holy grail of Drum & Bass tunes. As well as the younger generation who like their beats hard and heavy.

Rustam: We are also massively against copy and paste 2nd drops. It’s super important to keep the listener engaged and immersed in a track. And with switching up the 2nd drop being a main feature of our tracks. We feel the switch on the 2nd drop definitely gave our remix a unique twist.

Q: How long has this track been in the reserves?

Rustam: We started the remix on the day we were given the opportunity. It was August 24th 2021, James’ birthday. We pretty much worked on the remix for 7 months.

James: We sent out a pre-final to a select few DJs to play out back in March 2021. Though we were still tweaking it here and there while awaiting a release date.

Rustam: Even before submitting it to the label for release, we were still tweaking it.

Q: What are your Top 5 favorite Remixes of Drum &Bass classics?

Rustam: Wow! This is an awesome question… And a very hard one to answer…

James: Absolutely agree with Rustam… We can not put them into order, so we will just list

Bad Company – Nitrous (Dillinja Remix)
Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria (Pendulum Remix)
Bad Company – Bullet Time (Spor Remix)
Absolute Zero & Subphonics – The Code (SKC Remix)
Eye D – Unicorn MF (Black Sun Empire Remix)

Konflict – Messiah Magnetude remix on Renegade Hardware is out now!

You can find this awesome remix here! Available for streaming and purchase!

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