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Korsakov continues to dominate the year smashing release after release with a vengeance and now the fury of Future Stars Volume 2 is about to be unleashed on the drum and bass world. 21 tracks by the freshest names in the scene and if Future Stars Volume 1 last year is any testament to the power that this series brings you know we’re in for something EXTRA special from Korsakov with this one.

With so much creative talent exploding through this release there’s an ample variety of vibes spilling from Future Stars Volume 2 from the heaviest neurofunk to upbeat dance floor heaters and almost everything in between. Let’s take a look at what these new artists are adding to our DJ arsenals.

Destined to drive the dance floor charismatic vocals from Gid Sedgwick flow irresistibly with emotion oscillating through the octaves over Volition’s composition on “Stand the Pain” utilizing high ends to harmonize as solid beats and clean basslines bounce through the measures fluidly. A splendid combination resulting in a beautiful ballad Volition and Gid Sedgwick are definitely forming the future of drum and bass.

Kaizen Flow supplies thick, punchy beats and short blasts of barbaric bass entangled with wild highs to balance the flow in “Grind”; a technical beast to move the room. “Wastelander” marches in on a militant vibe hitting hard, structured to skyrocket the energy as dirty beats flow mechanically and the basslines bounce and bend. A belter of a tune with a lot of variance in composition, Kaizen Flow’s contributions to Future Stars Volume 2 are sure to turn some heads on to his sophisticated style of production.

If you’re on the hunt for some nasty neurofunk look no further than MV’s “Event Horizon” built upon an extrasolar flare with electrifying basslines shredding through an industrial vibe with a brutal beat pattern and funky effects. “Out of Lockdown” combines wompy basslines that hop along killer kicks, and powerful pops of pizzazz in this crazy crossbreed that flips to a hazardous halftime groove on the second drop. MV is one to keep an eye on with a style of tunes to make the floor move.

Bringing a dangerous dose of energy from the dark side comes “Metadone” from Impex with deep beats that bounce and pound. Stabbing basslines structure the lows as the drums hammer along, mutating through the measures to manipulate the momentum in the mix. The structure and technique in production from Impex is a notable addition to Future Stars Volume 2 and a producer to keep under close watch.

“Aquarius” from Strangle growls and grinds atmospheric and suspenseful utilizing whispers of effects and a tranquil beat to lend the spotlight to the bass design that dominates. Bellowing from the darkest depths it booms and bounces, warping and bending as the beat rides on. Adding FX into all the right places Strangle certainly colored this composition up.

Furious energy from Geatly & Dottive on “Protocol System” really amps things up on the Future Stars Volume 2 compilation with an enormous bassline, solid beat patterning and an absolute MONSTER of a drop. There’s extreme attention to detail in this one “Protocol System” is thick and tough with beefy beats that smash through the mix and endless opportunities for a ferocious mix. Geatly & Dottive created a DJ weapon of mass destruction with this one and we’re anxiously awaiting more!

Mod3no holds down the techy neuro vibe with “Focus” slithering in on synthesized keys with soft vocalizations stretching to the drop only to be flipped into a masterful display of manic beats that flow furiously spilling through measures with style. Sleek melodies sneak through with sparse vocal snippets keeping the shine on that gritty grind. Mod3no has a place in the future of drum and bass, bet on that!

An intense build snapping into a maddening dance floor banger makes “Summoning” from Tengu stand out from the crowd. Consistency in the rhythm keeps “Summoning” in the groove as the reece rumbles beneath. The highs twist and contort harmonizing as they rise and fall creating the futuristic dance floor energy you’re looking for.

Melodic and entrancing vibes on KZ’s “Pulse” combine growling basslines that blend well with the mechanical side of the drum line. The bass throbs and rolls as the rhythm rides with the soft keys gliding on the highs seamlessly through the pulsing, broken beats.

A bouncy banger skyrockets the energy on Future Stars Volume 2 to new heights as CPTL PNSHMNT stuns the scene with “Horizons” a dominating force in the destiny of drum and bass. Keys play in furiously with intent from the first note, amplifying as the build carries on welcoming the beat pounding harder to the drop. “Horizons” explodes as the beats flow ferociously and the bass stabs beneath. Brutally broken the composition carries on twisting and winding animating the mix in ways unimaginable. CPTL PNSHMNT is one we NEED more from for sure!

Resurgence presents a pristinely polished production technique with “Falling Through” as the intro twinkles in playing upon suave high ends and soft vocals echoing to the drop amplified by sophisticated synths. A full verse flows carrying effortlessly with soothing serenity through the measures while a deep basslines resonates in return. “Falling Through” mirrors a catchy dance floor vibe as it bounces and glides on the softer side; a smooth, sleek tune to set the mood and an innovative display of the progression of drum and bass.

Rozfresh spins a sultry selection through “Never Loved” with divine vocals twisting a tale as the composition carries on, energetic in nature with a feel good flow. Crossing a smooth, liquidy vibe with intense drum patterns from the neuro realm as the vocals caress a low, rumbling bassline “Never Loved” carries contrast to smash and shine.

A cinematic intro is quick to catch attention from Battletek’s “Progression” as synths and keys support a masculine vocal echoing to the drop jiving with smooth rhythms crisply composed. A bubbly, rolling bassline flows fluidly to engulf the floor in thick vibrations as the percussive elements pop harmonizing with the melody of the keys and seductive voice driving the track. “Progression” is a true symphony of sound and Battletek is a key force in the future of drum and bass.

Diving into a top secret mission with Thriller’s “D Force” sparks a terrorizing tale of the devastating Death Force. Stretching the saga through the intro “D Force” drops into a funky, jumpy dark and dirty drum and bass destroyer that bounces and rolls through the measures. Industrialized sounds hit hard amidst barbaric breaks and energetic effects to amplify the energy. Stick around for the second drop where a fearless four by four dominates the mix.

Something from the softer side yet still powerful in its own right is “Under” from Zona. Strong rhythms carry the intro as euphonious vocalizations slide through deep synths that resonate the vibe. Intricate drum patterns cascade through the measures magically with subsonic basslines stuttering sublime allowing the vocals to weave through on a harmonic high. The second drop is mind blowing; low and slow with a mellow half time flow. Zona is a name you’ll want to know and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more from them on Korsakov in the near future too.

Overflowing intensity from Karmasynk in “Powerdose” has already been spinning through the circles of the scene bubbling with electrifying energy in this hyper technical weapon of mass destruction. Thick drum patterns spin and spiral furiously as the power continues to surge through the tune. There are no rules in Karmasynk’s book this composition has an extremely unique flow making it a tool for the most creative DJs to utilize for ultimate destruction of the dancefloor.

If there’s one thing to say about Spekski’s “Need You” it would be we must have more of this! A jaw dropping gem cleverly composed this one is in a world of its own. Atmospheric synths slither as the vocal samples pound through with electrifying basslines echoing in repetition to the drop, increasing the intensity beat by beat as the rhythm grooves beneath. The highs run rampant as they stutter and skip skyrocketing to new heights the keys teasing harmoniously between. The bassline rides clean in support rising and falling furiously as momentum stabs on snapping the floor into an undeniable groove. This one I’ve tested and the floor approved; it will absolutely get the crowd to MOVE!

Sensational vocals from Jasmine Knight shine with Sola’s stunning artistry in “Fallen Reality” supplying soft harmonies and mindful mastery in music theory; the foundation for a heart-warming dance floor ballad to caress the scene. A tranquil build allows Jasmine Knight to take the spotlight carrying the verse measure by measure to new emotional heights. Fluid beats pop beneath holding a solid vibe as “Fallen Reality” glides on satisfying the softer side of this release.

Unforgettable neurofunk nastiness as we wrap up Korsakov’s Future Stars Volume 2 with “The Only Way Out” from Shrike building upon an insanely treacherous intro full of energy and suspense with monstrous samples and sounds. Thrashing and smashing through the measures killer kicks and mind bending basslines dominate the mix with carnage and destruction. Hard, fast and heavy “The Only Way Out” harbors relentless energy Shrike pulled out all the stops for this one!

Korsakov only selects the best!

So there you have it. The future of drum and bass and from here it’s shining brighter than ever thanks to these stars and those who will be influenced by these projects for years to come. Endless respect to Korsakov Music for introducing these talented and innovative artists into the scene, we look forward to hearing more from this batch and wish them great success on the Future Stars Volume 2 release.

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