Korsakov Music Presents Future Stars Volume 1 [Korsakov Music]


One of the major players in the game as of late Korsakov Music is rising up in the scene as one of the solid go-to’s for the best and new drum and bass on the market. If Korsakov puts their name behind a producer it’s wise to take note. The incoming release is about to annihilate the scene with some of the hottest up and coming artists to keep an eye on as ‘Korsakov Music Presents Future Stars Volume 1’. Loaded with a jam packed stack of tracks there’s plenty of diversity in selections from the heaviest neurofunk to the darkest, nastiest rollers and everything in between spanning the sub genres of drum and bass to find a place in any collection.
Gaining momentum far and wide for pushing neurofunk to the limits there’s plenty of tracks from ‘Korsakov Music Presents Future Stars Volume 1’ that absolutely slap ready to shake the floor and pulverise the sound waves as Korsakov Music brings the most brutal beats from these rising stars to the big stage. If you’re looking for powerful builds with massive energy check out “Asynchronous” from Cyntax boasting monster basslines and wild beats or “Bitfrost” from Bytecode with a sly intro whipping into an upbeat rhythm over the nastiest bass.
Confrontational vocal snippets on “The Game” from Sola and “Authorize” from Inaudible prepare the floor for an all out assault as “The Game” brings banging beats over sprawling electrifying basslines and “Authorize” boasts dark and dirty drum lines snapping the second drop to a sick halftime composition that just can’t be missed! “Do You Feel It” also comes hard and heavy as Methis utilizes vocal and synthesized manipulations to hype up the build dropping into a deep, dark track that pounds vigilantly.

‘Korsakov Music Presents Future Stars Volume 1’ also delivers a big dose from the darker side diving deep into the rolling basslines with a disorderly neurofunk twist. Travelling into uncharted territories with these hybrid beauties Tacktile supplies some serious heat on “Arno” bursting with outstretched growls of dirty bass bellowing beneath funky rhythms and a splash of jungle accents while “Space Monkey” from Jayfor creeps in sinisterly to transform into a neurotic roller that will consume the floor rising and falling with the rhythm as this one bellows in ferocious form. Invert Era comes with a bassy, tumbling core on “Hypa” with a bit of a swing that’s groovy and fun while “Rome” by Zonna harmonizes a light and airy vocalization with long drops of bass that blast over a clean beat.

Korsakov Music brings a few vocal selections to the table on ‘Korsakov Music Presents Future Stars Volume 1’ as we sail into yet another dimension of drum and bass with “Nothing Left to Lose” by Artino, Arpex & James Chandler. This one is something from the softer side to sooth the dance floor with silky keys and a delicate melody as the vocal resonates deep within the message as we drop into a feel good, bubbly dancefloor composition. “Reality Check” comes as quite the contrast from Plasmator featuring Rude Nature boasting unique scratch effects, old skool hip hop vibes on the lyrics, deep bass and daring jungle fills pulling from all sub genre influences of drum and bass.

On a release of this magnitude there are always a few tracks that stand out from the rest for one reason or another like “Monument” from PRFCT Mandem which is dnb straight from another realm supplying surreal basslines that are warped and wicked amidst manic fills and a pristine beat. Part Time Menace delivers classic jump up flavor to wind up the crowd with “007” that’s bursting with energy as it bounces and bangs with fury. On the flip side we are gifted a captivating vocal on “Forgotten Souls” ft. Nysza from 3Four easing in sweet and sultry with tranquil lounge vibes it’s so beautiful and poetic carrying through the drop flowing over deep winding basslines creating the perfect contrast and harmonization as the tune rides on.
Wrapping up the review on ‘Korsakov Music Presents Future Stars Volume 1’ are two of the most intense tracks presented on this LP. Sabotor sucks us straight in on “Juggernaut” with a seriously suspenseful symphonic build combining rolls upon rolls with the most intense beats amping the energy to the enormous drop that heavy and tough with impressive work on the drums blasting over the deadliest basslines twisting and flowing furiously, there’s no way to describe “Juggernaut” besides MENTAL AF!! “Source Error” from Dropset is just as hot; the intro effects are on point partnered with a militant build this one drops into straight danger!! Heavy beats blast between the most ruthless bass design masterfully manipulated breaking and bending with thick delays which makes “Source Error” so much fun to chop, blend and mix. An instant favorite in my personal collection “Source Error” from Dropset is my top track from ‘Korsakov Music Presents Future Stars Volume 1’ which is a near impossible task to pick just one so I highly recommend grabbing the entire release.

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Check out Plasmator’s mix for DNBRADIO featuring ‘Korsakov Music Presents Future Stars Volume 1’

July 31 Beatport Exclusive
August 14 Worldwide Release

Inaudible – Authorize
PRFCT Mandem – Monument
Bytecode – Bitfrost
Artino, Arpex & James Chandler – Nothing Left to Lose
Cyntax – Asynchronous
Sola – The Game
Tacktile – Arno
Plasmator – Reality Check ft. Rude Nature
Part Time Menace – 007
Dropset – Source Error
Methis – Do You Feel It
Jayfor – Space Monkey
Invert Era – Hypa
3Four – Forgotten Souls ft. Nysza 
Zonna – Rome
Sabotor – Juggernaut


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