Korsakov Music: The Story So Far [Korsakov Music]


Korsakov Music: The Story So Far [Korsakov Music]

Korsakov Music has made tremendous leaps in neurofunk drum and bass as well as taken a top spot in my personal library this year, it’s only fitting to touch on what they’ve been up to as we wind down to the last days of 2020 so how perfect is it that ‘Korsakov Music: The Story So Far’ is about to land just in time to stuff everyone’s stocking for the holidays. Before we take a look at what’s inside of this monster compilation from Korsakov since its inception let’s see what the driving force behind this label Elmar has to say about this release.

KRSKV025 Korsakov Music: The Story So Far

1 October 2018. The Korsakov Compilations Vol. 1 drops and launches Korsakov Music right into the forefront of drum & bass. With a quarter century of releases already passed, I felt it’s time to look back on the story of our label so far and celebrate with you all with this compilation of our best selling, best streaming and most critically acclaimed tracks to date.

Hope you all enjoy it and please let me know what your favourite release or releases have been so far. Our 2021 release schedule is absolutely murderous and I can’t wait for you all to see it. We will be leaving Sonicode after our next release (coming very soon!) and switching to our own brand new and ever growing mailing list, so keep an eye out for that!

Enjoy this compilation and thank you so much for all the great feedback you’ve given over the years and continue to give every time!

AL/SO // Ancient Radius [23-12-2020]

So what exactly is inside this monster compilation from Korsakov? Well as the host of 35 tracks from more artists in drum and bass than you can count on your hands AND toes it’s full of diversity spanning the sub genres of drum and bass. From the most powerful, soul crushing neurofunk to captivating, uplifting dance floor tracks and everything in between you’re sure to find all that you’re looking for and more in ‘Korsakov Music: The Story So Far’.

Earlier this year Korsakov Music delivered the ‘Leap of Faith EP’ from one of the most renowned MCs in drum and bass, MC Coppa. Full of feel good drum and bass, overflowing with positivity and pristine vocals two tracks from this EP are included in ‘The Story So Far’. Title track from the EP “Leap of Faith” combines Tom Sutcliffe’s warm vocals with Coppa’s stealthy rhymes bouncing smoothly over the rolling basslines. “Rocksteady” featuring Revelashen maintains the smoothness with a decent dose of classic Reggae vibes.

Moving on through the album we find some stellar dance floor selections sprinkled about teasing the softer side of drum and bass into the collection from Korsakov Music. Feint’s “Empathy Box” brings delicacy to the dance with similar selections from Polygon with “The Machine” flowing through on ambient vocals and bubbly vibes and the original cut of “Illusions” from Droptek featuring Holly Drummond’s sensational verses and seductive sounds to amplify the atmospheric elements of this track. Joe Ford’s take on Droptek’s “Sentinent” amps things up a bit further as this remix bounces through the octaves bursting at the seams while the beat carries steadily on.  “Tick Tock” from High Maintenance brings upbeat, enticing energy bursting from this steamy dance floor track and contributions from Smooth on “Capacitator” meld fun upbeat neurofunk sounds into a groovy vibe with a solid flow dipping between sub genres of dnb to appease any crowd.

With solid focus on importance of the technical production behind the scenes Korsakov Music has delivered countless tracks that dive deep into the darkest depths of drum and bass with sonic blasting basslines and precisely planned beat patterns the sound design continues to morph and mutate track after track. Droptek’s name is seen time and time again across releases on Korsakov and it’s clear to see why. From tracks like “Vexed” and “Devoid” full of mechanical basslines and the most sinister vibes to selections such as “0K” that delivers a solid dose of dub with a super fun intro and an insane twist on the amens Droptek delivers quality every single time. InsideInfo’s twist on “Minutiae” brings an extra dose of grunge to the flow and we see a massive remix on this list with “Comply” from Smooth and DC Breaks twisting the already massive original composition into a thick, heavy, grinding neurofunk monster.

A few more from the dark side of dnb are still to come on ‘The Story So Far’ with some impressive names gracing the roster of Korsakov Music as they pull artists from all areas of this music to bring the most influential releases to the table. Eatbrain’s Jade x Mindscape deliver an double dynamite dose of dirty dnb with “Dangerous” powerfully exploding measure after measure with broken beats and beastly bass. A serious stomper from Mean Teeth in “Subtitles” adds a funky twist to intense basslines and Akov’s “Rebirth” feeds off of rubbery rhythms and insanity in the effects to make this one of Korsakov’s top tracks over the years. L3mmy Dubz and Bl4ck Owlz add “Rise” and “Dead Groove” respectively, two more tracks that will bring out the mechanical madness in the mix with a very interesting and focused sound design.

Moving right along “Blunderbuss” from Madster brings the halftime funk and quality design while The Outsiders blast in with “Reduction” harboring big breaks and massive sounds flipping to that half time vibe for the second side. Ancient Radius brought one of the most intreguing tracks to my personal library this year with “Dutch Courage” a fun half time number with freaky flow and undeniable dancibility it makes the bins go BOOM in a big way.

Akov reenters with “Chub” feeding fiercely off a deep rolling neuro vibe while Dub Elements slides in with “Wobbledah” and “Korsakov Shake”; two dangerously deep tracks with impressive focus on constructing murderous bass lines. PRFCT Mandem proves they are more than meets the eye twisting their brutal neurofunk style into a gritty roller on “Jungle is Massive” posing top techniques when it comes to manipulating breaks and sound design. “Tension” from Levela rounds out the rolling vibes in ‘The Story So Far’ with attention to the technicalities it breaks and bounces smoothly through the darkness.

Korsakov Music: pushing the boundaries, delivering the message, soothing the dance floors, diving deep into the darkness but that’s not all. One of the dominating forces behind the neurofunk scene they are also delivering the biggest, beefiest, most brutal bangers to bring the walls down and leave the dance floor in a sweaty mess barely able to breathe. This is the place for the deadliest in neurofunk drum and bass. ‘The Story So Far’ has seen massive contributions from the likes of artists such as Raiser on “Uppercut” easing in on a smooth, symphonic intro only to smash the floor to bits with chaotic breaks and manic basslines much like “Vektor” from Merikan supercharged with energy and colorful composition from big builds to big bass there’s a lot of variation to keep this one moving in the mix.

A few more from Droptek smash through this release like the original mix of “Symbiosis” with it’s subsonic basslines made it a stellar pick to remix as Droptek stole the spotlight several times this year with the ‘Symbiosis Remixed’ project and also with the single “Time Travel”; a spacey, bassy, intense serving of sound pummeling the airwaves with unsurpassed style. The tenacious Teddy Killerz blasted onto Korsakov Music this year with their single BFG as part of ‘The Korsakov Compilations Volume 2’  a bombshell track bringing the heavy brutal funk that is only found from the Teddy Killerz to Korsakov Music’s ever evolving tracklist. Another heavy hitting name on the list, Gydra, exploded with “Verse Tonijn” slathering their style all over Korsakov through this track. Brutal beats, bouncy basslines, it’s Gydra – you know exactly what to expect!!

One of my new favorite artists made tremendous leaps this year in the drum and bass scene. They are PRFCT Mandem and if you don’t know all about them you are about to be schooled. Coming up with feverish fury these two are a force to be reckoned with, their passion shines through every track. Complex artistry in production pulls influences from every spectrum of music more than just drum and bass you can feel that in their ‘Formation EP’  AND ‘Hyperdrive EP’  that annihilated the sound waves earlier this year. Selections from each have no doubt made it into ‘Korsakov Music: The Story So Far’ and while I probably would have added a few more personally the two tracks selected definitely give a perfect impression to what PRFCT Mandem are all about. “Oscillation” from the ‘Formation EP’ is spewing with energy blasting the mix into super sonic speed as manic beats maul the floor over beastly basslines that bounce and flow; this is absolute mind blowing madness. “Hyperdrive” from the ‘Hyperdrive EP’ obliterates in similar fashion with an intro that peaks the suspense through the roof the only acceptable way to prepare for the psychotic drop that beats and batters smashing and stabbing every which way amping the energy to make everybody move. PRFCT Mandem and Korsakov Music are an unstoppable force I can’t wait to see what they bring to drum and bass in the years to come.

One last track to touch on for ‘Korsakov Music: The Story So Far’ and it’s only fitting to save the best for last. The top selling track on Korsakov Music comes from no other than label boss AL/SO and High Maintenance titled “Party Every Day” and when it dropped earlier this year as part of the ‘Hypersonic EP’  it went right to the top of my list of favorite tracks. “Party Every Day” is an absolute dance floor killer, riddled with energy around every corner the upbeat drum patterns play well with the booming bass cannons blasting this one into a league of its own.

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Massive respect to Korsakov Music and all of the artists who have made contributions to this ever growing label pushing the boundaries constantly. One of the major influencers in the game, molding the future of drum and bass at the forefront of the movement making leaps and bounds into uncharted territories every time. Korsakov Music radiates authority pumping out tunes to shatter dance floors, full of dynamic production and creative sound design I predict they will continue to dominate the scene moving forward into 2021 and beyond. What artists would you like to see on Korsakov Music? Comment below and let us know!



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