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by | Dec 1, 2023 | Reviews, Spotlight, Tunes

Are you sitting down?  Then I’ll begin.  The end of the year is nigh and that means our favourite labels are wrapping their releases up in Christmas paper and putting big fat stinking bows on them.  

The last offering from VTO Records this year is an utter filth fest from Krak’N.  The EP is called Mechanique and is going to be available for you all on December 4th 2023.  

A producer hailing from France, we are used to some disgusting stuff to come from that side of the water especially from the likes of Burr Oak and this definitely is no exception.

The opening track which is Mechnique Malfonction is has a totally engineered and industrial sound with screeches and slaps of distorted bass lines and drums.  The tune is sickeningly disgusting and should be played at high volume so all of your neighbours can hear and appreciate what a great piece of production this is.  

Next up is a tune called Deep Dive which is one I have been dropping into my sets because it’s a madness.  A fairly subdued but atmospheric intro starts to lead you to some naughty little sounds until it drops into a stompathon of weighty business.  Love this track and I always stand back from the decks when I’ve dropped it to appreciate listening to it.

Last but not least and aptly named track “To The End” is presented to us.  With a really melodic intro which kind of makes me feel like a lonely bouy bobbing around in a dark sea with a dim light faintly flashing on top.  Yet another disgusting track which has been meticulously produced to give us what is the perfect end to a stinker of an EP.

Thanks Krak’N – You can go back to the deep dark depths of the ocean now and work on some more of this absolute filth because we all need more Krak’N in our lives.

Click the artwork below to take you to the pre-save/purchase pages, you’ll be able to get this onto your USB’s on Monday 4th December 2023.  Don’t delay!


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