Prescribed Quarantine Relief with Kravitz ft. Ol Finn — Painkiller EP [M Ocean Records]

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Searching and healing his own soul & sound while sharing his learnings, Ben Krawiec is discovering a new stress reliever in the lively & lovely Drum & Bass with his brand-new project as Kravitz in his Painkiller EP (OUT NOW!) [M Ocean Records]. Hailing from Bath, Kravitz originally comes from a House & multi-genre vinyl DJing background that inspires his now sound that he has been developing in DNB in recent years. Featured on the title track “Painkiller”, Ol Finn of Frome lends his sharp wordsmith skills and own emotional exploration in expressing & showing ways in creatively releasing quarantine stress & steam through music or other artistic outlets. Twisting & deceiving the track in a devastatingly neurobass delicious way, Con-Figure also known as Joevirus is receiving big support on his “Painkiller Remix” from René LaVice on BBC Radio 1’s Drum & bass Show and from Mollie Collins on KISS D&B.

Starting with soothing, soulful vocals harmonizing over suspenseful, synthetic strings, “Painkiller”’s intro vocal effects are echoing in the background as Ol Finn expresses his lethal, real truths of, “First option was to fall; Second option was to be strong [and]hold on. Painkiller. I’m feeling stressed; quarantine: the pressure.” It’s safe to say that lockdown may have caught us all off guard and knocked us all down or taken us back a bit, but it’s okay to fall because you learn to get up even stronger leveling up and overcoming those once inconceivable obstacles. In falling you are recovering and growing stronger just as the track does with its build up before suddenly, rowdy, roaring saws rip through an echoing chamber like yo-yos drilling space tunnels as the bouncing drums’ kick like footwork. “Painkiller” rushes you through a rapid testing and an emergency operating rush reviving your mood from any lockdown migraine and jump starting your heart. 

We swap into a different, more eerie type vocally ambiance with the spine-chilling, thrilling DNB & Hip-Hop hybrid crossover “Movies”. Rich sounds stun and rumble throughout the track almost like a horror movie score for a slasher in the jungle film with screeches and lofi, sci-fi samples.  We transition into the breathing, ventilating vocal experimentation of “Swoon”, Kravitz uses Eastern chants in combination with a life alerting rhythm of melody monitoring to bring to life a foggy bass horn that scatters and evaporates into elastic, steamy, wobbly basslines. The simplistic yet stunning drum grooves capture a mellow & chill flow of the rolling low-bass riding under the stabbing synth hits & VOX. 

Keeping the spooky sounds in rotation, Con-Figure’s “Painkiller Remix” opens with horror movie scream samples that siren over a dark, twisting version of the original. The devastating warping basses breach through sound to our realm and rolls through your chest as the bassline transforms and flows over the drums making for a haunting ride.   

Kravitz delivers a super TYLENOL in sound with this relieving EP that’s exciting for more to come from the new artist. Kravitz and Ol Finn express their resolve of overcoming quarantine pressure & stress while holding on & being strong in “Painkiller”. Con-Figure shares his own spooky, Frankenstein experimental way of dealing with any deadbolt headaches from lockdown on the Remix. Grab the exciting, punch-packing yet pain-relieving Kravitz — Painkiller EP OUT NOW!

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