Kriminal – More Cowbell [On A Break]


Hello readers!!  This week I found something great that I feel I just have to make sure everyone hears. The track is called More Cowbell by Kriminal out on On A Break Records. So Kriminal, from what I found online, is from South Africa but lives in Thailand now! He seems to do a lot of Asian festivals and the bigger parties out in Thailand. He started as a DnB DJ, took a break and came back doing lots of different stuff  on the production side like Breaks, Deep House, Tech House and Hardcore. Some DnB labels he has been on are Suburban Base Records, Pure Music and of course the latest On A Break Records.
More Cowbell had to be fun to make, I feel this is a Neuro track all the way. It starts off slow, fun use of samples throughout that put a smile on my face as it came to me where the sample came from, LOL! Listen to the track and see if you can remember where the sample used is from!! This track drops really nice and funky hard. It has this subtle screechy bass flow and industrial sound to it that I loved. The use of the cowbell was great throughout this funky and really fun track.
I’ll give it to Kriminal, this track is great, I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to toss it into a set of mine! I love funky goodness like More Cowbell! Don’t forget to comment your thoughts below, I want to know what you think as well!

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