FIRE FRIDAYS: Kronology- Mantra [Technique Recordings]

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I’m not sure about the rest of you, but if I had a dollar for each time I’ve been out to the club and heard some all-black warrior flip off one of those, “Oh, well, you know, the UK is 5 years ahead of American drum and bass,” I’d be able to afford rent. But between you and me, there are quite a few artists that handily put that statement to shame– and the up and coming LA collaborative, Kronology, are well on their way to the top of that list. Mantra, their newest release on Technique Recordings, proves to the world that we have no catching up to do to our neighbors across the pond. American drum and bass is already here, and it’s here in a big way.

Exhibit A, serving as irrefutable evidence of the Kronology boys’ rise to the upper echelon of American drum and bass is their newest release, “Mantra”. This sonically massive tune starts off with a strong, snappy drumline while heavy reverb launches through your eardrums and blasts your senses straight off into space. Before you know it, you’re shifting into warp speed, riding above humming basslines and underneath plucks that shine brighter than planets. And it’s those fleeting bright moments found in the staccato, plucked melody that serve as the stand out moments of this tune.
There’s just something magical about a bright, dimensional, beautifully clean lead synth line that can really make a tune an absolutely standout. And in this case, the lead melody continues to expand upon the spacey, massive soundscape of the tune, and feels almost as if it drives through the song itself, inputting commands into the control panel of the sonic spaceship as you journey through the track. These Intergalactic sounds will never get old for me, and this tune is certified spacey.

It’s the dimensional, polished soundscape itself that shows just how spectacular Kronology’s production value really is. Creating so much headroom and filling it in such a meaningful, intelligent way is no small feat. Certainly not a level of mastery attainable by anyone playing catch up; indeed, Kronology seems to be setting the curve themselves.

Listen to “Mantra” by Kronology:

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