Kubic Eye -Daydreamer / Invention [Auraya Recordings]

by | Apr 17, 2017 | Tunes

Before too long, and before you even realize it has happened, somewhere in the near future, when you hear the word “rollers” you will automatically think of Auraya Recordings. Over the last year or so, they have been cultivating a roster of producers and providing the drum and bass world with some free releases to give us a sneak peak at what they have planned for fans of quality drum and bass. Now, in April of 2017, they are dropping their first release. As is often the case with new labels, the first release is coming to us courtesy of label boss, Kubic Eye. With releases already on Tesseract, Delta 9, and Schedule One, this man is no stranger to treating us to a deep and wide range of rolling drum and bass.

This first full release from the label is a spot on crafted two tracker that has every box ticked for what I look for in a release. It has emotion, a vibe, it’s versatile, has good movement and flow, a touch of funkiness has a distinct sound and is well crafted. The lead track ’Daydreamer’ has a cinematic feeling to it without being overbearing. The rolled out break meshing with moving FX and sweeps dancing in and out of multi morphed bass hits that will keep your feet moving and head nodding as you are transported away in the head space of Kubic Eye.

The second track is ‘Invention’. This one is a bit more laid back and atmospheric than the previous track but is just as effective. It starts out a bit airy and has a slight spacey mood to it. The soundscapes almost conjure up images of a mad scientist tinkering with his latest creation, but instead of doing it in a lab, it is in a lush garden on a sunny early summer afternoon. With a blend of swelling basses and airy flute riffs, this one is getting released at the perfect time as we ease into spring.

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