Kusha – Come Back to Me – Dirtbox Recordings Vibe City Album Sampler

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Spotlight, Tunes

We’ve got big news coming from the Dirtbox Recordings camp in the form of a 2 part album called Vibe City.  Centering around a theme of GTA Vice City for the artwork and some real summer vibes, this album will set the world alight with the biggest project from Dirtbox Recordings in their history.

Anyway, I’ve said too much about the album, so let’s move onto the single which is out this Friday (11th August 2023) from Kusha called Come Back to Me.  

The intro has a wicked upbeat and baleric style beat with some guitar melodies over the top which lead you to a wicked jumpy synth that compliments some awesome vocals.  The production on this one is outstanding and really gets the head nodding, just making you want to get up out your seat and throw some shapes no matter where you are.  

Thanks Kusha for this single, it really is awesome and what a sampler to an album which I’ve had the luck of listening to already!  

Go get your hands on this to satisfy your urges for the full album which won’t be available until September 15th 2023 (for Vol. 1 anyway!)

Click Kusha’s pic below to take you straight to a pre-order page and check the preview below!


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