Kusp – Shook [Detail Recordings]


Newcomer to the scene Kusp is back on Lynx’s Detail Recordings with a stellar single ready to rock this summer. Kusp has been on my radar since his first release on Context Audio last year with the delivery of some forward thinking half time and liquid styled tunes. With only a handful of tunes on the market right now Kusp has shown diverse capabilities and stellar productions so far. Lets hop into his latest release!

Kusp ” Shook ” starts in tone with juke influenced gully percussion kicking off the tune as the atmospheric leads build into the drop. Shook takes off with a mass of grime vibes with a sprinkle of some darker garage vibes into the main phrase. The fill’s are tight and effects keep the tune interesting as it delves into some serious wobbly B-line motions. This is an incredibly versatile tune as a DJ tool and should certainly not be slept on.

I really look forward to what Kusp has in store for the future!

8.5 Awesome
  • Unique fresh sounds 8.5

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