L 33 – HerO – [EATBRAIN126]


Welcome to my latest write-up of epic, amazing and incredible Drum and Bass that I have the pleasure of listening to! 

This time, one of my favourite ever producers in the scene, none other than L 33 with his new Eatbrain EP, HerO.  When I saw this land in my inbox, I let out a little excited whimper as I couldn’t wait to get it on and turn it up loud, knowing that L 33 punishes everyone with his ridiculous snares and whomping bass lines.  

My time listening to L 33 stems back from when he released ‘The Crypt’ featuring Hijak MC, what a tune that was, I loved everything about it!  His other releases have also been no holds barred, smash fests such as the Karate LP on Eatbrain, The Door EP, Mafia EP and more recently Time Attack EP.  Not forgetting his amazing collab with Coppa as Lights Out with their incredible Roads of Rage EP.

Let’s start with the title track of the EP, HerO.  A typical L 33 sounding intro, building suspense and tension but giving a whole heap of atmosphere to let you know to buckle up.  Always a little nervous hearing new releases by your favourite artists in case for some weird reason they may have lost it somehow, but definitely not L 33 on this absolute BEAST.  When it drops, so does your coffee cup out of your hand and mouth as you stand staring at the speakers in disbelief that something so vile and angry could be produced by a couple of paper cones.  An absolutely gut wrenching tune that makes you want more and more, just utter filth with some really crisp snares that also have so much depth you’ll need a snorkel just to stay alive.  Remember that whomping bass I mentioned earlier?  Yup, it’s in here, there’s no escaping this here, it literally destroys you.  The production is on point here.

Next track is GunFingerz.  Seems to have a really jazzy intro this which has some distorted brass instrument, but retaining that power that you know it’s going to be a good one.  When it drops, its got a really gritty bassline which sounds lazy but it would definitely get you up in the morning with that little snap of an amen part way through that you just pick up on before the rest of the tune comes along with a five knuckle punch to the chin.  The second drop has the same lazy bassline but it’s lengthened to drive home more to you with the click clack of that massively produced snare which is just unreal.  Like a giant clicking his fingers, this tune is epic.

The final track on this beautiful EP is ‘Let Me Go’.  Another atmospheric intro, with a filtered beat which leads in over the top of a lovely orchestral piece of music which sounds like something from a movie soundtrack.  Then the electronic stabs which lead you towards the drop and what a drop!  There is a kind of hiccup noise in the back which bounces the bassline to and fro like a boomerang to the face, it’s a really inventive way of keeping the flow going.  The bass on this tune is destructive too, really can’t wait to hear this in a club and I’m envious of anyone who’s managing to get to events right now.  That space style stab is back prior to the second drop, if you think it’s going to be a hair raiser, you’d be spot on!  Another banger!  Really hard to pick a favourite out of them all.  Oh well, they’re all on my USB so I’ll just play them all!

Get your grubby mitts on this EP on 3rd September 2021, see a pre-order link below and sound clips!



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