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I got to chat with one of drum and bass’s fastest rising stars L Plus for a little info about the latest release on Technique Recordings the “Hideout” Sampler. Hailing from Bratislava, Slovakia, L Plus is getting his tunes played by the biggest names in the game and has been making some big waves in the last few years, dropping heat on Urban Takeover, Formation Recordings, Cymbalism, Intrinsic, Phunkfiction, Sidechain, First Generation and Viper, to name a few. Lets just say there is definitely a bright future ahead for this guy. Singing an exclusive deal with the mighty Technique Recordings in 2011 only proved to be a great move, giving us fan favorites like Faces, Carbon and Heavy Mental. Many of us are looking forward to his debut full length album to drop, but in the mean time, get to know the man behind the music a little better.  

What was your inspiration for the Hideout Sampler?
The inspiration I had for this 2 track sampler was everything I’ve heard and liked in the last year during gigs. I’m really feeling Neuro Drum and bass.

Would you say thats is your favorite type or style of drum and bass to write?
I don’t know what name was given by the fans for the style of drum & bass I write, but I truly believe it’s just DRUM&BASS. I like to entertain people, so my aim is to be writing mainstage music. That’s what I really like to do. Yes, that’s my style. Mainstage drum and bass ;D

Who are some of your biggest musical influences outside of drum and bass?
I don’t have any artists I follow, and the only time I can hear other music is in the car. So I’m listening to radio, shazaming good music and that’s it. Sometimes I go with friends to see some live concert music, sometimes classical music.

And influences inside of drum and bass?
I really like Prototypes, Tantrum Desire, Mind Vortex, Mefjus and all of the new neuro guys

Who have been some of your favorite people to work with? and any plans to work with any of those artists in the future?
The best times I’ve spent are while remixing Tantrum Desire’s REACH and John B’s LIGHTSPEED. Both original tunes are really heavy, I feel them and I was really happy working on them. I’m looking forward to working with Muffler on a tune next few days, and I would really like to make a banger together with Tantrum Desire!

Who do you see as some of the bigger up and coming acts in drum and bass?
Me? (lol)

What has been your favorite gig that you have played over your career?
St. Petersburg in Russia! Was soooo cooool that I am still talking about it during backstage trashtalks. Soo many cute girls, such a happy crowd, I didn’t want to end my set.

When and if you get writers block, what do you do to pull your self out of the funk?
I have several tip & tricks but if I tell you, I have to kill you 😉

Any advice you can give to up and coming producers?
Stay focused and stay in the game! Get inspired outside of DNB.

What are some of the habits you have in staying consistent in bringing us the great music you have been writing? (Healthy eating, meditation, drinking and smoking a bit while in the studio)
A large amount of sports and love! You need some endorphins, man! 😀

Do you have plans on hitting the US anytime soon? any place specific you would like to make an appearance at? 
I would love to!!!! But this question you should ask promoters and booking agents (hint hint US Promoters) But believe me, I love DJing from my 1st gig!! I’d love to come over to US!

Thank you for hanging with us today, any final words you would like to shout out to your fans in closing?
I’m locked in the studio right now and writing loads of material for you! So stay tuned and wait for Hideout Album coming out by the end of this year! Easy 😀


L Plus – Timelapse / Creatures Must Die
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