L33 – Grime All The Time

by | May 25, 2016 | Tunes

Eatbrain delivers a full feature film in the form of an action packed martial arts themed slammer! Following up this year with a history of banging tunes L33 is back once more with full length 15 track album that is sure to rock dancefloors and arenas around the globe this summer.

L33’s Sound to say the least has been massive and hard hitting since his debut tunes. Joining the forces of all the legendary and up and coming talents at Eatbrain has not changed that at all. From deep dark and technical to all out slamming dance smashers hes proven he is a force to reckon with. The story is complex and the mood is dark and violent. You can decide how this story plays out for your self.

L33’s ” Grime all the time ” starts off with ascending and epic in your chest battle ready synths and hair raising laser sharp stabs. The vibe kicks it up a notch into the drop leading into the sample ” Grime all the time ” rhymed in a most digital gangster sense of the word. An infectious groove plays across the tune stopping time in a stand still. You can almost a shadow figure lurking in the distance as he stalks in on his target. The tune breaks quickly starting back up the groove for the rest of the track.

Overall this is must have for Dj’s and listeners alike as it offers uncompromising slamming neurofunk drum and bass that will put you in the mood to stomp around the dancefloor or throw some shoes out of your apartment window. You definitely will be hearing these in my summer festival sets and mixes alike.

Available 30.05.2016 – Beatport
13.06.2016 – Worldwide
TBA – Vinyl

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