L33 – Stone Cold EP – Eatbrain


You might not have heard of L33 but this young producer out of Bulgaria has surely put this country on the map for Drum and Bass. He has released on every major label and is supported by all the top tier drum and bass artists. Now this producer has launched “Stone Cold”, just in time for fall and its the perfect EP for the fall season.

Beatport Link

Eatbrain is one of those labesl that reaches out and grabs you and pushes Nuero Funk right at you; you quickly get engulfed as you feel the pulse of the music flowing thru you. Enter Stone Cold EP. Each song shows the depth and foresight that L33 visualizes and I just love how the nuerofunk sound drives it straight to your heart. My personal favorite on the EP is ‘Blow Off’, its fun and jumpy, the vocals and the music create layers upon layers of sound. Even in the low parts of the song, it is certainly a driving force.

The label themselves has stated that  ” L33 pushes further towards an evolved version of his sound than ever before, with each slice of audio delivering a unique and sleek tech-fueled idea designed to slam hard into the dance. Surprising in many ways and exactly as technically refined as one should expect of him, the STONE COLD EP delivers exactly the kind of forward-thinking drum and bass that we crave from both artist and label”

The EP is out now on Beatport and is dropping worldwide on September 17th. This is a perfect EP to get your fall juices going.