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From the catalog of the new Hungarian label OYO comes some absolute monstrous energy from L3MMY DUBZ‘s Hoax EP. The nasty UK producer presents us with four stellar tracks that showcase his prowess, skills that have garnered the attention of tastemakers such as Noisia, DJ Craze, Blackley, and SASASAS. L3MMY DUBZ shows off his dynamic production, which forms the perfect synthesis between jump up, dancefloor, and neurofunk.

To kick off the EP is the tearout track NOVA. With a pristine opening that features video game-like stabs and ethereal sounds that blur the line between vocals and synths. This track hits with a perfect mix of dancefloor vibes and jump up sounds, with hard cutting synths stabbing atop of warms flowing basslines. All the while, the sounds are crafted with detuned sounds and perfect modulation, which keeps the track fresh from start to finish.

Next, we move to a track that would make even Master Cheif skank to POWER ARMOR. With ominous tones and dark samples, nothing can prepare you for the perfect mix of neurofunk with jump up sensibilities. With buzzy synths ladden over-modulated bass, the drums pull this track perfectly together, using differently pitched snares to give a full dynamic throughout this stutter-step tune. To top it off, each musical line ends with some powerful breakbeat.

Similar vibes are found in the title track HOAX. Dark tones and buzzy synths lead up to a powerful build-up that leads to an absolute smasher of a tune. With it, we get a neurofunk laced tune with heavy shifting bass on a stuttering drumline with some added spicy jump up esque stabs top kick things up a notch. This track doesn’t let off on breaks as the drums begin to evolve, and more piercing synths get thrown masterfully into the mix.

Finally, closing off the EP is the menacing PARAPHERNALIA. Starting with a throbbing synth-filled build up before dropping down to a long bass stab, this build is sure to get your heart rate pumping. As the perfect finale for this excellent EP, this track is fast-paced track slams with some pure neurofunk madness with excellent drum work. As the track moves on, it continues to evolve, laced with mutated synths that color this track perfectly.

L3MMY DUBZ is a crafter of drum and bass that should be watched from the time to come. With a taste of production that is akin to the sophisticated sound design like Noisia, the vibe and energy of the likes of Culture Shock and 1991, the intensity of Gydra, and the off-kilter design and phrasing of Annix, L3MMY DUBZ is a master in terms of music production. If you don’t believe it, this EP will make you.

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