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by | May 3, 2018 | Mixes, Spotlight, Tunes

There’s something close and tight-nit in one of the smallest demographics in the world for Drum And Bass Jungle music. Somewhere in California resides a healthy community called the US JUMP UP MOVEMENT. Rawtee a US Jump Up Drum And Bass producer and like minded individuals came together to create a asylum for DJs, producers and fans in solidarity in what might be the biggest niche section in the Drum And Bass spectrum. Drum And Bass Jungle music has a hard enough time in the North American region compared to its European neighbors. But Jump Up? Just ask anyone in their 40’s that was around in the 90’s early 2000’s in America how they feel on the topic. But I can’t speak for the majority when I say some of the longest active American touring DJs are actually playing Jump Up, but I guess you are able to get away with doing so when you have left such a solid impression on American rave and dance culture. Of course I’m talking about none other than Danny The Wildchild.

Danny, 2MUCH and plenty of others have graced the Soundcloud distribution centre for the movement with healthy selection of Jump Up music mixes. The mix series are particularly selected and accepted by the likes of Rawtee and whomever else is in charge over at the US JUMP UP MOVEMENT site on who they deem are fit for position of providing a mix for the outlet. In regards to myself I hope that one day I am accepted and can provide a mix for the movement.

But it is not all about mixes @USJMP. Just recently release from the digital label portion of the movement, not only that, but a free release featuring tunes from Replicant, Evol, and of course the man behind the plan Rawtee. Deemed the roller edition; which if you read any of my articles published here you’ll notice a trend that I mention far to often that rolling drums are making a huge comeback and the stationary stuff is being left in twenty-thirteen where it belongs. You can find each one of these free tunes down below and be sure to let them know you’re playing them over at the community group on facebook!

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