The Last Friday on with dEEb (6-9-2017)

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As I type what has to be one of the hardest write ups I have ever had to do for one of my radio programs. It was even harder to act out; my last Friday performance on Hush FM. This just passed my 90th upload to soundcloud, over 60 of which were recorded at 1PM Central Standard Time every Friday for over 2 years. I haven’t even had a committed relationship with a human being last that long. Every single guest I’ve ever had at my house play with me. Every single mix that was sent exclusively for air. Every single time someone pressed the play button on an archive. I loved every second of it and wouldn’t trade it for the world. This wasn’t just a radio show, this was a part of my life. Thank you for over 100 hours of my time in drum and bass with you.


You can catch this program from your mobile device or personal computer on Tune In App and its as simple as logging in with Facebook and listening to an hour of quality drum & bass. Archives can be caught on my Mixcloud profile. My Soundcloud profile as well as DNBSHARE. Just simply search @BrandonDNB in the Download Archive section of DNBSHARE.

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#001.| Dub Motion – Ultraviolence
#002.| Agressor Bunx – Eclipse
#003.| Alix Perez – Recall & Reflect
#004.| Ego Trippin’ – Who Are You?
#005.| Hazard – Busted
#006.| Flat T – L Bass
#007.| Camo, Krooked, Friction – Stand Up (Sigma)
#008.| Zen – Kick Start
#009.| Tantrum Desire – Electronic Brain
#010.| Prototypes feat. Mad Hed City – Pop It Off VIP
#011.| Macky Gee – Deserted Riddim
#012.| Pleasure, Origin – Sarsaparilla Kid
#013.| Serum, Voltage – Break It Down
#014.| Prestige, Tyke – Delusions
#015.| Rowney feat. Kat W – Real Love
#016.| Twisted Individual – Acid Bath (Northern Lights)
#017.| Original Sin – 8 Figure Bass
#018.| J Majik, Wickaman, Hype feat. Daddy Earl – Rollin’ It
#019.| Kabuki, Serum – Heist Flick
#020.| Chse, Status feat. Jacob Banks – Alive
#021.| Dub Motion – Low Sun
#022.| Camo, Krooked – The Escape
#023.| Octane, DLR feat. Marion – Let Me Go (Break)
#024.| Pleasure – Years & Years
#025.| Jonny L – Dreaming (Sensai)
#026.| Heist – Alliance
#027.| Serum – Hit List
#028.| Ed Solo, Brockie – Turntable 1 (T>I)
#029.| Jayline – Willow (VIP 3)
#030.| Caspa feat. Keith Flint – War (Hazard)
#031.| Dominator – History Making
#032.| Sensai – Destination
#033.| Faction, Modified Motion – Charges (Supreme Being 1)
#034.| Tevlo feat. Veela – Circles (dEEb VIP)
#035.| Dub Motion – Off The Record

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