Leia – ‘Threat EP’ [Vahana Records]

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Vahana Records welcomes veteran DJ Leia to the label this week for her first ever EP after decades in the scene behind the decks. The ‘Threat EP’ drops the 14th of June and is seething with dark, moody tunes caressed with a soft summer groove. Leia offers a progressive style with full compositions that build and grow, breaking the mold, generating tunes to play all the way through. Let’s check out the ‘Threat EP’ from Leia now!


Smooth synths warm the build as the beats bubble softly to life with a mellow mood. A gentle melody paves the way to the drop, breaking to welcome big blasts of bass that will carry through the composition. A quick vocal clip flips the script into the body of the track, stuttering through with a funky step. Solid construction and technical beat patterning keeps “Threat” on the move. Thick and melodic Leia offers great contrast with the elastic, grumbling bassline balancing the lighter elements of the tune for a fluid groove.


A rolling beat rides into the build expanding as the composition grows, thickening the track, breaking vocals into the mix for a quick snip before plunging into the drop. Clever sounds cascade through “Can’t Help”, the bassline squealing, squalling and spiraling out of control into the deepest depths of drum and bass. Simplicity in the beat brings the vocals to the lead, flowing seamlessly in tandem with attention to the creativity in the movement of the bassline. “Can’t Help” is a solid pick for a summer set to warm the mood while still packing a punch as it twists and plunges with progressive power. Leia’s making serious heat and bending time with this tune!


A swirling build with a hint of an old school vibe in the sampling winds in on soft strings and melancholy melodies with attention to detail on the drum work and building the atmosphere all around. The drop brings a beastly belligerent bassline sprinkled with clips and bits of iconic effects and a spacious beat to let it all breathe as “Veda” commands control in the mix. The tune carries on bending and warping intertwining angelic melodies with aggressive amens blending ideas from the archives and futuristic times. Leia is coming in tough with sophisticated style and her own signature sound! We can’t wait to hear more from her around!

Grab your copy of Leia’s ‘Threat EP’ out June 14th from Vahana Records. CLICK HERE


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