Let Me Be – Spor [Mau5trap]

by | Apr 9, 2022 | Tunes

Presenting an exciting release I have to share with you all today. After a few long years and now we have a fresh drop by none other than Spor. An artist that has long provided so much dark nuero bass and head shattering drums since the late 2000’s. Though for the past years he has been releasing more frequently under another alias as Feed Me. We still wanted that Drum and Bass vibe and we got it! He delivers once again with a heavier type of vibe with Let Me Be. And we suspect there will be more to come later this year.

This track offers the darkness of Drum and Bass on a silver platter. The intro ambience and atmospheric sound brings you to the entrance of a damp, leaky, cave. Now the furious drum breaks flow into the deep rolling basslines. Then Spor’s classic sound of crunchy, subby bass gets the heads rock’n. The melodies are eerie, and the synths are sinister. Add some distorted guitar and we have another masterpiece by one our favorite artist. The amount of talent and hard work is shown in Spor’s work time and time again with the ability to produce these kind of tracks.  Let Me Be is available here now!

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