Licid – Bass Signal EP [Sound Solution]

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Tunes

This is a community awareness piece. Belgium is a melting pot for Jump Up Drum And Bass producers and with the likes of Licid it might as well be a Best Drum And Bass guarantee that if you are a fan of the Jump Up sound.. you will not have heard anything like this.

Bass Signal By Licid – Sound Solution

Always a favourite when the title tune is a belter. “Bass Signal” to be best described as titanium gorilla war machine battling Turkitron during the conflict of Mechanical Advantage 6. In short, the tune is a straight headbanger. Seeing how that’s a thing now at some of these parties this tune is rather appropriate. As Licid defines his signature sound, it is something that can be heard amongst all of his productions. The formula for the syncopation of drums across the EP takes us back to a time that is not that distant from the time we are in now. Many moons ago that stationary Jump Up, that boom-pip pip-boom-pip, that once dominated the industry from people like Majistrate, Pleasure and Nu:Elementz has made its way back into the market. A lot less tops, shakers and any lick of percussion. Primary focus on tunes like “Sandstorm” and “Promise” are those mid-range ear piercing bass lines, and that bit featuring Dangerous titled “City Gates” is the one! But do not just take my criticism on the subject, leave your creative response in the comments as well. Serious forthcoming material Sound Solution next year!

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