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by | Jun 5, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Stop the press!  

What do we have here?  A new release from Lights Out on their own label Lights Out Audio.  If you’re not familiar with the name, for a start; shame on you, and get to know because this is a duo of Neurofunk veterens L 33 and MC Coppa!

They combined forces a few years ago now to create some banging tunes with some quality vocals released on Eatbrain (Roads of Rage EP) and Lights Out Audio (Sorcery! and Let Go) but ended up having a break from the roll out during the pandemic.  I’m pleased to announce they are back with a venegence with their new EP Blaggers which you can pick up today!

The title track Blaggers starts with a nice euphoric into until you get Coppas well recognisable vocals before the drop.  Once it drops, it is unmistakable Lights Out sound with production quality that is through the roof.  Well worth purchasing just for this track alone!

Next up is Sabretooth Tiger which just oozes L 33 and Coppa vibes with a cool horn over the intro to help build the tension which Coppa throws down some agressive vocals to aide with this.  On the drop you get the words “I’m a Sabretooth Tiger” which then drops into an absolutely disgusting tune that I dropped at the weekend at a gig, it sounds sick turned up loud in a club!

Last but not least we have Tony Montana.  Another wicked building intro and thena  really well produced beast of a track comes into play on the drop.  Got a real rolling neuro vibe to it and some subtle Coppa vocals in the background.  Loving this one and a slightly different tact to the others. 

What’s great about this EP is that the tunes have a good variety in their sound and you can tell they have been brilliantly produced, top quality!

As I said earlier, the release is out today (5th June 2023) and can be purchased here:

Have a cheeky little listen below:


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