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Monday, oh another quarantine Monday!  I hope everyone is keeping safe, crazy times…WASH YOUR HANDS!
So since none of us can go out and everything is closed us DJs still keep on spinning records. We have crews from all over the world Live Streaming sets left and right! There is so much music out there right now its hard to pick what to sit and watch/listen too!!
We have The Distinguished crew with the likes of Evasive in Denver USA and Lana M in London UK always streaming. Lana M gave us an 8hr set one day. We have Puerto Rico crews teaming up with Colorado crews to pass the streaming ball on their pages. We had Euphonique and people all over the UK passing the streaming ball around this past weekend. We have bedroom DJs from all over the globe getting in on it…but what makes some stand out over the rest? Well lets talk about it in the most simple terms.

There are 2 main factors to streaming…How you sound (most important) and how you look since it is video.
When it comes to sound, it really isn’t all that hard, here are the basics
1. A “Y-cable” – This is RCA on one end and headphone jack on the other. You plug this into your mixer in a booth or record if it has it, other end right into your computers MIC slot. With the proper adapter you can use your phone as well with this cable and an app.
2. OBS – this is software that allows you to use more then one camera and helps link up to streaming services like FB and twitch. This software does a lot, its also FREE!! You can find YouTube videos on how to use it…its super easy and will help kick up your streams a notch or two!!
3. Remember you are on video!!! Clean up, make a booth, give us a show, show your skillz with proper camera angles, have art in the background…don’t show the world your messy ass room!

1. Do not use the internal MIC on the computer or phone, it sounds bad no matter what you try.
2. If your computer uses a single port for both headphones and MIC, get an external soundcard that is USB (spend about $125ish). When its a single port it doesn’t sound right either
3. Learn OBS, get more then one webcam so you can change it up.
4. Setup your DJ booth, set yourself up so you look good on camera, move your gear around and setup a booth, put posters up or art, you can do so much to catch peoples attention with the look and feel of your stream.

Lastly, Facebook will cut your stream.  They will either kick you off or mute the sound.  This is due to copyright laws.  There is nothing you can do but keep relaunching your stream if you use FB.  Now you can use Youtube and twitch and other streaming services then POST a link to the stream on FB and other social media outlets if you get tired of getting cut short or muted by FB,  YouTube will do this as well due to copyright laws.  Just keep streaming!!

Now for readers that don’t DJ but are enjoying all these streams like I am.  You need to do your part on your end for everything to sound right.  Hook up your stereo to the TV, turn up the surround sound and play with the EQ settings, turn the damn Bass up or turn on the Bass boost!!  If the DJ is setup right you should be as well on your end to enjoy what they are spinning for you!

Below I found some links from some popular sites that go over how to setup streaming so you get multiple POVs. Knowledge is power!!

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