Liveon – Mirage [EATBRAIN125]


My favourite time of the month is almost upon us, Eatbrain release time!  This time it’s relative newcomer to the label Liveon who has been constantly impressing us with his techy, neuro sounds.  You can really hear his style maturing with every release he brings to the table, first off with his Stutter EP then his appearance on Divergence III with the tune Funker.

The first track to amaze us on this EP is the title track, Mirage.  A real cinematic intro takes you through a journey which you could almost imagine seeing a mirage in the distance when trekking across a hot desert.  The drop is wicked with a gritty reece and some beautifully technical drums accompanied by some outstanding cow bells.  The tune almost has a half time feel to it but continues to take you through this interesting tempo that gets your head nodding and foot tapping.  The second drop is really driven and gives you all the energy from the first drop just with a bit more rolling feel to it. 

The following track, ‘Faster’ has another wonderfully atmospheric intro giving you a vocal saying faster which speeds up as it continues through to the drop.  Talking of the drop, it’s another gritty tune which has a distinctive high pitched sample over the top which you’ll hear perfectly when doubled with another banger.  You’ll instantly recognise this banger in the clubs when you hear it tearing you a new one! 

‘Bat Wings’ is up next which has just been previewed on Eatbrains pages today.  A totally creepy intro that makes you feel like you are about to be lost inside a haunted house with no escape.  A muted bass leads you up to the drop, and I think you could use the word drop to describe several elements of this tune because it sounds like big drops of sampling falling from overhead as the beat takes you on a trip from locked door to locked door, as you try to make your way to the exit of this damned mansion. The second drop is even more disgusting and guttural as it stomps through.  Another tune that I cannot wait to hear turned up to maximum volume and needing earplugs to protect myself so I can hear more heat from Liveon in the future. 

The final piece of the puzzle is a track with Intercept called Vanilla Sky.  Although the name makes me think of the old Tom Cruise film, the sound definitely doesn’t make you think that!  It’s a really euphoric roller with some snappy drums and awesome snares that give you a great deal of listening pleasure, the tune then livens up even further and adds more depth to the drums.  This is continued on the second drop which rolls even deeper and gives you visions of being in a jungle on another planet avoiding creatures of another ilk whilst hacking your way through to an escape.

What an amazing EP from Liveon, we didn’t have to wait too long to hear some more wizardry from this quality artist and I feel he is right at home at the Eatbrain camp who I’m sure we’ll see more amazing things from.

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