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Liveon’s first full release on Eatbrain hit the shelves last week smashing the neurofunk scene with the ‘Stutter EP’. Jam packed with five tracks including two collaborations with Dati and Chris.SU respectively, as well as three solo compositions from Liveon, the ‘Stutter EP’ is overflowing with the beastliest basslines and most deviant drum beats to transcend your sets into the deepest depths of modern neurofunk madness.

“Glue Ball” climbs in on a colorful kick-snare riding rigorously over soft synths mutated manically as we build to the drop. A powerhouse of grimy beats flowing over thick, pumping basslines broken between mechanical effects and evilly enhanced cow bell provides a dose of high energy filth in this monster stomper. Twisted and warped, thundering between beats “Glue Ball” utilizes highly technical engineering on the rhythm as the mechanical lows penetrate from below bridging the blend in this exuberant arrangement from Liveon. Sure to simulate insanity in the mix “Glue Ball” will find a place in the most insane neurofunk sets.

Atmospheric synths and pads play in building feverishly as we flip to a more stable beat crawling in over the keys in “Eye Contact”. Choppy risers of broken synths take us further towards the drop as they lift and fall furiously. Tumbling into a technical, rhythmic pattern the beats flutter over cascading basslines riding through the measures. Thickness in the drums are harmonized by the pads and effects softening the vibe creating contrast of tranquility and exhilaration as “Eye Contact” carries on. A variance in the breakdown leads us to the second drop; a ravenous half time revision that smashes savagely in its short stint to the end. A radiant composition full of flavor and flow Liveon incorporates a full spectrum of sound to stimulate intensity as “Eye Contact” transpires to consume the mix.

The title track from Liveon’s EP “Stutter” is sure to turn some heads with its dirty and aggressive disposition. An eerie intro chugs in as the beats build angrily propelling “Stutter” to the sadistic drop which is equivalent to a drop-kick straight to the face. This is the kind of heavy, banging neurofunk you’re digging for. Heavily manipulated intense beats slam, smash bang and pound over colorful basslines stomping with sheer velocity as the bass stammers between the hard-hitting patterns of the drums. A single play will send this one straight to the bag; “Stutter” is a necessary addition to the library for the most brutal neuro DJs.

An effortless beat dances in over smooth synths as “Horsepower” featuring Dati  builds deviously toward the drop. Kicks pound increasing the tension to skyrocket the energy toward an unexpected display of power. A slamming surprise of robotic, grungy neurofunk consumes the composition as the beats blast through fancy breaks and tumbling low ends echoing and reiterating as they grind through the extra measures of variance in pursuit of the breakdown. An interesting ending to create further diversification “Horsepower” concludes with some stellar sampling pulled from nostalgic gaming, an unpredicted element in the excursion through “Horsepower” that wraps things up enhancing the disorder that flows through this track. Liveon is breaking the mold with this one generating new ideas that push the DJ to consider the mix as more than simply overlaying a few tracks. “Horsepower” is a push out of the comfort zone into something fresh.

A sparse and spacious intro plays upon the suspense softly shredding and snarling as “Total Chaos” featuring Chris.SU crescendos with impact to the drop. Aptly titled and teeming with disorder and disarray “Total Chaos” is ready to rain havoc on the dance floor as frantic beats blast flipping between broken styles, filled with flares and funky rolls to keep this track flowing in a frenzied fashion. The lows ride wild plunging in peril as we journey through this wicked excursion from Liveon and Chris.SU. Complimented by quick vocal sample snippets the mood is enhanced tenfold with the precise placement as the pandemonium plays on. A dangerous duo when it comes to composing dark and dirty neuro “Total Chaos” can’t be missed.

The ‘Stutter EP’ is available now on Beatport. 


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