Loadstar – Change The Channel [RAM]

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Tunes

From the creative minds of the legendary duo Loadstar comes a new single shaking up the scene. Xample and Lomax even since their early days have had a strict release catalog of immensely high quality tunes. In the past year the releases just keep getting better and better. Its easy to see why they stay at the top of their class with their latest RAM release….

Change The Channel is my choice cut off of this single. It conveys a strong message much needed to be heard within the electronic music community with its vocal sample explaining why these records are made in the first place. To guide this generation of all types of people broken or in search of something a path to follow. This particular sample struck me on a personal level because we can all remember what tune it was to get us into this scene in the first place.

The tune start off in a theatrical matter with melodic tones carefully playing in the distance whilst increasingly building tension by introducing additional melodies into the foreground. The tune breaks into a powerful vocal sample and quickly fast forwards to a aggressively programmed break fill slamming into the drop with heavy blender bass and an onslaught of demolition ready percussion shredding the atmosphere into pieces.

Loadstar – Encarta / Change The Channel is out NOW! on RAM Records.

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